Li Xiaolu walked on the red carpet, and the pure white hollow evening dress was bolder, which was so beautiful.


White white -collar dress skirt, white is pure and pure;

Sleeping and long legs, wrapped watches high heels;


With a smile and a beautiful style, he stepped on the red carpet with his feet;

Bringing the fairy -free filter, the beautiful woman Li Xiaolu;

Hollow design matching, attracting the main force of the eyeball

After so long, Li Xiaolu appeared in front of us again, and this time she was wearing a white white dress. This whole set of colors have only one white word. However, I made a bold hollow design, highlighting the sexy design with a brightly eye -catching design in the white. This kind of dress is particularly attractive when turning around.


It is difficult for most people to control this hollow design. Everyone dare not try boldly, because if it is too exposed, they will go away, but if you learn to wear it, the action is not too large. It is dignified and bold, giving people a strong sense of respect, but also impressive.

The waist design highlights the small waist, and the straight hem is more charming curve

The hollow design of this skirt is that the waist of the entire waist is gone, and it will be revealed by outline it in front. The designer has a waist design here. Although there are only half a waist, it can make people look at it. Out of the waist line, and the hem is straight, but it is particularly fitted, so Li Xiaolu’s figure is revealed, looming, but it makes people look very eye -catching. At the same time, they can fully expose the woman’s good figure. A woman who is confident in her figure can wear it like this. If you have fat on your body, you should quickly lose weight, otherwise it will be exposed to the shortcomings.

Now that the entire back is highlighted, then other places must be wrapped more strictly. I made a closing design from the cuffs of the wrist. Although I don’t see it carefully, I don’t see it. People are very conservative, and they also reveal a sisters. White can brighten your skin tone. This color is also sought after and loved among all girls. From Li Xiaolu, we can see that the whole person looks like a grease, and the muscles are like snow, especially in particular, especially I like to dress myself as dignified and elegant as a woman, but at the same time, a woman who wants to control the sister of the Royal Sister can try a try!

Of course, if you are a woman who especially likes to exercise the figure, you can wear a evening dress that can also be hollowed out on the waist, showing your proud results and prove your willpower and determination.

Golden handbags and watches, step on high heels, echo the white dress


When a single product, when you do n’t know how to match, try to choose some of his same color elements. Like this dress itself is all white, and then choosing some white decorations will look like a snake. And its waist is a waist design with golden trim. At this time, you can match a simple golden watch and golden handbags. Essence

Li Xiaolu only revealed his most beautiful back this time. If there is fat in other places, it would be just covered.

Therefore, smart girls need to learn how to hide meat and try to show their advantages. In fact, you only have a white hollow evening dress with the goddess. Discard, disadvantage to hide.