Buy: easy to use! Inventory a few notebook bracket worth buying


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It is undeniable that an easy -to -use laptop stand can not only provide users with a comfortable office perspective, but also effectively help laptops to dissipate heat. Therefore, for today’s office workers, the laptop can be said to be a must -have. So how should the laptop stand? Today I will give you a few easy -to -use notebook brackets, which is worth buying.

Portable foldable laptop bracket

Price: 19.9 yuan

First of all, I recommend a portable laptop bracket. The biggest feature of this notebook bracket is the cheap price, the price is only 19.9 yuan. At the same time, this laptop has a foldable design, so it is very portable. Even if there is a need for office work, this notebook can be placed in a backpack. Not only that, the height of this notebook stand supports seven -gear adjustment, which can be adjusted according to the height of different tables and the user’s habits, so that the most comfortable sitting position can be found. In summary, this laptop is mainly portable. At the same time, it is very cost -effective and worth buying.

Non -high -rise laptop bracket

Price: 106 yuan

The notebook bracket recommended by you can support free suspension. The height can be between 30mm and 285mm. Users can choose according to their own needs. At the same time, the panel and bottom of the notebook bracket are protected by non -slip silicone, which can ensure that the computer will not bump to the greatest extent. At the bottom of the entire bracket, a large area of ​​hollow design is used, which can be compatible with the location of different types of computer heat sinks. The material of carbon steel has stronger thermal conductivity compared to aluminum alloy.


More stable notebook bracket


Price: 159 yuan

Finally, this laptop bracket recommended to everyone also supports full -angle hover, which will be more convenient when using. At the same time, this laptop’s bracket uses a high durable damping shaft, making users smoother when regulating the angle. In terms of base, an increased aluminum alloy base is adopted, and users are more stable when using. In the last, the panel of this notebook stand adopts a strip -shaped hollow heat dissipation design to make the laptop cooling more stable, and truly effectively helps the laptop computer for heat dissipation.