The Gambling King Fourth Girl is really put on, He Chaoying wears a suspender skirt to the bottom, and his face is too white.


The Gambling King Four Tai Liang Anqi, who has been short -haired since she was young, is a strong woman in the workplace, and she is also a “tiger mother”. Several children in the family have taken the Xueba route under her education, all of which are excellent. However, the eldest daughter He Chaoying has also had rebellion years, and her dress style is very avant -garde.

A white suspender skirt shape, loose short skirt, fresh and playful, look at the small skirt with a very pure temperament in front. Because it is like Liang Anqi, the skirt above the knee can better modify the petite figure. The exquisite collar folds make the suspender show the visual effect of drawing rope design, which looks very playful. The leg muscle lines are obvious, and it seems to be a person who pays great attention to the image.

The front is fresh, and the design is particularly sexy. The back design reveals the black lace inside, the black and white match is particularly eye -catching, and the natural loose fold design is natural and sexy. Half of the pure and half sexy, the two ultimate styles mix and match, showing a multi -faceted personality, sexy and avant -garde.


The overall design of the skirt is very simple. In terms of matching, it takes more effort. As a lady of the giants, He Chaoying’s accessories are also very “luxurious and noble”. In addition to various valuable jewelry, there are also satin -made hand bags. High -heeled shoes with velvet fabrics, two retro fabrics, have a similar gorgeous gloss texture, bringing a different rich temperament to this fresh skirt shape.


In fact, in general, the color matching of the shoes and the bag is preferably the same or the contrasting style, which shows the delicate beauty of the details, but He Chaoying chose different colors. However, the blue -purple satin handbags and dark green velvet high -heeled shoes, both colors are also the most representative noble colors of traditional Chinese classical colors. With similar materials, it looks very harmonious and color matching. The overall is very noble.


The bag design is very gorgeous, and the blue diamond is embellished. Although it is petite but has a sense of design, it is estimated that she is also a detailed control. The accessories are very complete. And He Chaoying likes to use hair to modify the short neck lines. This time, it is paired with a tassel -shaped earrings. It has obvious modification effect on the face shape and neck. The problem of not long necks.

Although the makeup is not so exaggerated as a whole, the facial foundation still feels particularly heavy and the makeup feels too heavy. At different angles, many angles are pale, and it looks too white and unnatural.

In the same white skirt, the natural drooping fabric folds in front of them are full, which is particularly layered. Compared with short skirts, the long skirt is more elegant, but the weight of the hairstyle is too heavy, and it has almost been confused for half a face. Instead, there is a feeling of “overwhelming”. It’s right.


The swan neck has an important impact on the manner and temperament, but the short lines of He Chaoying’s neck are also obvious, and you really need to pay attention to the dressing. In addition to using hair to modify the face shape, do not choose this firming neckline item. Like a shirt neck buttons, you must solve the effect of creating a V -neck, otherwise there will be a feeling of completely without neck. In addition, various high -necked items and small round necks are special products that need to be chosen carefully.


The irregular combination of exaggerated porn jeans and fishing net elements has a street style, but a pair of red short boots are a bit abrupt, which is incompatible with the cool style of this street fan. The top of the top is specially popular, and the sexy slim sweater is exposed to the round waistline and belly. Originally, the V -neck design was quite modified, but the design of this kind of digging around the neck completely exposed the problem of short necks.


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