Dingxi Kindergarten New City Branch Office Furniture Procurement Project Public Bidding Announcement


Dingxi Kindergarten

The potential bidder of the bidding project should be

Dingxi Public Resources Trading Center website

Get the bidding documents and in

2021-12-29 15:00

(Beijing Time) Submit bid documents before.

1. The basic situation of the project

Project number: dxzc2021-16

Project name: Dingxi Kindergarten New City Branch Office Furniture Procurement Project

Budget amount: 505 (10,000 yuan)

Maximum price: 505 (10,000 yuan)

Procurement requirements: Poster, system cabinet, dual -person desk, conference table, single -person desk, podium, conference table table, supervisor table (with side cabinet), customized back cabinet, band chair, office sofa, coffee table, training, training Chairs, chairs, office chairs, podium chairs, reception sofas, toy cabinets, archive cabinets, etc. (see the project procurement needs for details)

Contract performance period: execute according to the contract

This project (yes/no) accepts consortium bidding: no

2. The qualification requirements of the applicant

1. Meet Article 22 of the “Government Procurement Law of the People’s Republic of China”; and provide the materials required by Article 17 of the Implementation Regulations of the People’s Republic of China Government Procurement Law

2. Qualification requirements for implementing government procurement policies: None

3. The specific qualification requirements of this project: None

3. Get the bidding documents

Location: Dingxi Public Resources Trading Center website

Methods: Suppliers must log in to the Public Resources Trading Service System of Western City, download the bidding documents within the prescribed acquisition time, and the liability for abolition of bidding documents without downloading the bidding documents will be carried out. (Note: The format of electronic bidding documents is: DXZF) 2) After obtaining the bidding documents, please pay attention to the “Gansu Government Procurement Network” and “Dingxi Public Resources Trading Center Network” at any time The relevant responsibilities caused by changes are on the responsibility. 3) This project adopts a full -process electronic bidding. For details, the suppliers are involved in the bidding for details. For details, please refer to the homepage of Dingxi Public Resources Trading Network “Download Center” → “Operation Manual” → “Government Procurement Electronic Bid Operation Manual”. When bidding, please be sure to bring the digital certificate (CA lock) of the bidding documents of the generated project project to participate in the bid. Note: If the supplier’s digital certificate (CA lock) problem, if the bidding documents cannot be decrypted when the bid is opened, the supplier shall bear all the responsibility caused by itself

Price: 0 (dollars)

Fourth, submit the bidding document deadline, time and place of bid opening, and place

5. Announcement period

5 working days from the date of this announcement.

6. Other supplements

① Dingxi Public Resource Trading Network: http://ggzy.dingxi.gov.cn

② Credit China “website: https://www.creditchina.gov.cn

③ The Chinese government purchases the website: http://www.ccgp.gov.cn/

7. Ask for this bidding, please contact the following ways

1. Purchase information



No. 315, Yongding Middle Road, Dingxi City, Gansu Province

contact details:


2. Purchasing agency information

Dingxi Public Resources Trading Center

Construction Building Building Building, New City, Dingxi City


3. Project contact information

Project Contact:

Wang Xiangyan



Dingxi Kindergarten

Location: Dingxi Public Resources Trading Center website



contact details: