Do you plan to carry or wrap it into a ball in autumn and winter wedding? Actually a shawl is enough


“North Wind Blow


People can expose meat when they get married


I want to wrap into a ball “

Some cities in the north have ushered in the first snow


The south also enters the rainy and wet autumn

Thinking of the wedding scene in autumn and winter, do the brides feel cold?

Want to be warm and intimate, and want to be more beautiful than the bride who married spring and summer?


To achieve such ambitions, the most important thing is to choose a suitable shawl!

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The senior wedding consultant of the wedding chronicle, Irene, how warm and beautiful for you–



Do you promise your figure like this?

The most convenient for the bride’s concave shape is the fur shawl

How to choose so many styles of fur shawl?


Height is not 170, and you can choose short models.


To tell the truth, the above two types of fur jackets are very touching for most of the not tall brides … ┑ ( ̄д  ̄) ┍

Fur is easy to appear bloated. It is strongly recommended that the petite brides choose a short fur shawl.

Besides, the petite girl has always won the high waistline, highlighting her long -legged ratio.

Short fur shawls can show the bride’s small waist, and it can also be light in winter.

Short -star people around the neck are troublesome to choose without collars

Fur shawls are divided into collars and collars.

Figure the left lapel, the right circle of the furry collar on the right

Where is the bride’s neck?

In contrast, there is no collar to show a little fragrant shoulder. The warmth effect is not as good as that, but the beauty can be dumped N streets.


I’m really afraid that it will be wrapped tightly.


There is risk of long fur grass!

Fashion is a circle.

But there is no model of one meter eight meters of height and thin body

Max! ▼


Short fur grass is much friendly to ordinary girls, and it will only be thin and not strong.


If you love long fur grass, remember, you have to buy this ultra -short shawl

Or choose a long wrapped shawl to play with retro style


Give me a shawl, I can play flowers

A shawl, a few other stitches, you can play countless tricks

This is a conventional mode

Come a big cross


To be foreign, it depends on to what extent you can croak the shawl …


Cherish a little bit

Don’t be on the side, half -showing shoulders!


It’s 100 times more foreign than the conventional mode!


P.S. In addition to the fur shawl, Princess Kate is also a good choice


Knit shawl ground gas


Fur too much?

Otherwise, knitted shawl

It was wearing a knitted shawl in the snow, as if returning to the warm fireplace.


If you are unrestrained, you like Bohemian style

If you feel that the day of getting married is not cold enough to wear fur you

There is no more suitable for you than knitted shawl!

In addition to knitted shawls, short knitted small sweaters are good wedding dresses ▼


This kind of cross sweater is hot these two years

When I have a piece of outdoor shooting, it feels like changing a skirt!


In addition, knock on the blackboard!


Take a picture with a cashmere shawl with your family, it is really special!

If you bring a shawl, please ask the photographer to take a picture for you!



Are you from a fairy tale?

With a cloak, sprinkle some wild in the snow


The implementation of fairy tale dreams is so simple ~

Little Red Riding Hood


If you buy a cloak, remember to pay attention to the length

If the wedding dress is relatively fluffy, it is recommended to choose a little shorter


If the wedding dress is more slim, you can consider the mopping cape


The short cloak is playing with the little princess Fan Er ~



There is the best plan for winter wedding in your wardrobe

Such evil things like down jacket,

Ji Xiaoxi is strongly not recommended to wear outside the wedding dress!

But rest assured, do you have a coat in your wardrobe? Short model?

It’s best to be beige, light gray, light khaki?


If so, congratulations, no need to buy a shawl!


Put on a coat and bring the same color bib, you can enjoy the beauty of this winter ~

Coupled with a common A -shaped gauze, there is a classic European temperament ~


The shawl is natural

With a few soldiers behind you, you can warm up and warm up



Contract, there are also universities to ask

How to match the wedding dress with a must -have artifact glove in winter?

snow boots

Take an outlook in autumn and winter, and wearing high heels according to routine, your feet will be injured


Anyway, others can’t see it in the skirt

It’s better to wear short boots in the shoe


Or wear boots and keep your knees warm


Yes, you can also wear snow boots!

The “Just Married” is also embroidered behind the snow boots. Such small details are simply a night walk.

So … Many winter brides are shooting outside, and you like to play winter shoes.


Instead, the skirt was lifted, and the shoes were exposed!

The contrast is cute!


Ultra -thick bottom pants

If you want to choose the fleshy leggings, you are not afraid of accidentally exposing your legs.

Choose leggings with a thickness of 300D in winter


Warm baby

The warm baby is the weapon of maintaining the demeanor in winter, don’t forget it

To keep warm, the bride can stick this way


One piece of abdomen+one back+a piece of foot on the soles of the feet

12 hours are not afraid of cold

Who are you afraid of autumn and winter wedding?

Beautiful girl

Wear equipment

Go to the snow to sprinkle some wild ~