No matter what you are, wearing “wide -leg pants” in mind these three points, so as to be high -level


Pants can be both simple and capable or fashionable. Such a piece of clothing that accompanies us throughout the year and four seasons will accompany us along the way.

For women with certain requirements for dressing and shaping, choosing pants will have their own unique requirements, but no matter how the aesthetic traits change, they cannot escape the decoration of the body proportions and shape.

Simple and classic vertical lines are optimized to optimize the proportion of the human body to the best. There are many spaces of pants to choose from to enrich their pants for different height female friends.

But no matter which item is wearing, maybe figure is the biggest influencing factor on our road to beauty. Even if it is wild wide -leg pants, someone will be sad when the shape shaped.

Have you encountered these common body problems when wearing wide -leg pants?

① Thick legs → Fat and strong

Although wide -leg pants can have a good effect of covering meat and thinness, if the leg shape is thick and wearing the trousers, it looks like two large pillars, and the body disadvantages are all exposed.

Therefore, women with very thick legs are actually not suitable for wearing a relatively fitted wide -leg pants. Choose skirts and long tops as much as possible, which will have a better lean effect.

② Short legs → exposed height defects

The small woman, the proportion of her figure is not enough, so as to use the high waist design as much as possible to optimize the body length. If you choose long wide -leg pants, it will increase the area of ​​the dress below the waist, but the key points of dressing will be stacked below the waistline. Styling will bring a more low -body effect in terms of visual sense.


The dressed restrictions brought about by various figure defects have indeed brought us a lot of distress. However, when you encounter problems, we must actively solve the problem. There is never an insurmountable gap that hinders us to become beautiful.


From a versatile and simple trousers such as “wide -leg pants”, we considers the tolerance of the body to the greatest extent, and put forward the three main points of wearing wide -leg pants thinner and taller:

Three points for wide -leg pants to wear


○ length: over ankle. Pull the leg shape.

○ Color: Pure neutral. Simple and versatile

○ Design: high waist card waist. Optimize the proportion of vertical and horizontal.


First: long -length ankle

The length of the pants is a detail node in the design of the large category, and it is also the details of the pants design that we often ignore. I have recommended wide -leg trousers with ankle length, which can achieve the maximum extent visual effects.


Women who are relatively short, and the body proportion is not obvious. It can use wide -leg pants with ankle length and even half -covered feet length to shape the appropriate “procrastination” of vertical wear, and the effect of showing the length of the legs is excellent.



Long wide -leg jeans

: Denims are common, but combined with the design of wide -leg pants, you can add more age -reducing elements to jeans. At the same time, the length of the ankle is selected to ensure the modification of the leg shape and height. With the autumn single -sleeve top, it looks simple and has a dress.

Long straight -leg wide -leg pants


: Woman with short and thick legs, please gather your eyes to the appropriate long straight -legged wide -leg pants. The straight tube design can optimize the cross -interceptive ratio of the legs, helping you to modify the leg shape and thinner.

The straight -type wide -leg pants will be formal, so when matching the shirt, there is a daily commute and leisure charm, and it also sets off the stable and elegant sense of mature women.

Second: color neutral

The color of clothing has always been a topic of chatting in the fashion circle, so where is our fashion positioning for wide -leg pants color? The word “Zhongzheng” is given a good summary.

The color tone and neutrality refers to the purity and noble color. Pure color -based wide -leg pants are not mixed with any tedious patterns, or tacky stitching, just use the most decent color to create a simple and noble atmosphere of the whole trousers.

√ Tips

: When we choose the color system of our most favorite wide -leg pants, we can use this color as a color base point for wearing, and then match other items, it will be more handy.

Morandi color wide -leg pants

The light and colorful Morandi color system is hot as soon as they enter the fashion circle. This series of dumb color is light and light, placed on wide -leg pants, showing the gentle temperament of the pants.

Especially when choosing some fabrics is relatively thin, such as the wide -leg pants of chiffon, cotton and linen bottom, the Morandi color system will be more significant and elegant.

The recommended Morandi color system


: The dogwood pink is sweet and fresh, the haze is blue and elegant, the taro purple is gentle and intellectual, and the rice apricot is yellow and mature and restrained.

Milk white wide -leg pants

We are called “cold pants” with creamy white -colored wide -leg pants. Pure white color is elegant, clear and generous, so that mature women’s high -profile but not dyed aesthetics can be displayed.

The suit wide -leg pants designed by the straight tube are suitable for decorating noble milky white, slightly hugging their pants, with high heels and small suit. Such a daily commute dress is both noble and beautiful, which is very suitable for women in the 30 to 40 -year -old stage. Put on.

Third: high waist and waist


The design of the pants is not as many as clothing items. Women who wear clothes can always match a design with thousands of changes.

The generous and lazy trousers of wide -leg pants are most suitable for the two details of high waist and card waist. The high -waisted design can extend the proportion of the leg shape, and the sense of detail. When we choose the dressing skills of the jacket corner, we will show the trace contrast of the waist, and the bumpy curve of the body naturally displays it naturally.

High -waist cone pants pants

From narrow to width to narrow cone -shaped wide -legged pants design, it has accurately modified women with wide hips. The whole pants have the details of waist and pants and feet, which can show the slender effect of the waist and ankles. At the same time, the cheekbone part shows a natural silhouette design, which can accommodate the fat of the back pain.

The high -waisted cone wide -leg pants, with any styles of short tops, look retro and elegant, generous, especially with thick heels, the mature and stable temperament is intriguing.

Boyfriend’s high waist wide leg pants

The younger girls are actually focusing on the shape of wide -leg pants. But we generally use minimalist wind or neutral boyfriend to create a sense of youthful vitality, so a high -waisted solid color wide -leg pants are essential.

The precision shaping the boyfriend’s style. What you need is a polarized wide -leg pants version, but to show the loose folds of the pants, with a large size sweater and sports shoes, don’t be too young!


Any figure wears wide -leg pants must remember these three points recommended by Xiaobian. The shape of the dressing shape is more slim and elegant!