This year’s popular “checkered coat”.


This winter, the wind of “plaid coat” is getting bigger and bigger. The checkered coat with a strong retro temperament is not only very high -level and versatile, but also highlights its own feminine charm, allowing you to relax and fashionable all winter!

Today, let’s learn the matching ideas of the Japanese Miscellaneous Lord wearing a plaid coat, practical dry goods, and hope to help everyone’s winter wear! Not much to say, let’s take a look together ~


1. How can we choose a “plaid coat”?


①: Selection of “checked size”


First, it is the choice of “plaid coat”. Generally speaking, the thinner the checkered plaid, the thinner the retro. Moreover, small checkered coats are better controlled, more age -reducing, and they are also very good in matching. If you are just trying a checkered coat, you can start with the “small checkered” coat, simple and easy to wear and easy to wear!

The large checkered coat looks more atmospheric and can show the charm of mature women. However, at the same time, the large checked texture is not particularly friendly to the slightly fat sisters, and it is easy to wear a sense of vision of bloated and obesity. However, in the matching, the large checkered coat is more tolerant. As long as the plaid is neatly planned, it will not appear messy.

②: Selection of “plaid color”


For the selection of checkered colors, I suggest that you choose the neutrophils such as black and white and gray, which is simple and easy to wear, and it will not be too difficult to control. At the same time, the black -and -white contrasting plaid coat is still very strong, and can easily create a capable and neat temperament.

In addition, you can try the plaid coat of the earth color. The earth color makes the retro feeling of the plaid stronger. At the same time, the unique intellectuality of the earth color also makes the shape more attractive. For example, the blogger Pick’s brown checkered coat, fine plaid, and gentle brown, all make the shape more stable and generous!

③: Selection of “coat version”

Regardless of whether it is a small checkered coat or a large checkered coat, it is right to choose a straight version. The straight -type coat has a strong sense of lines. It will not appear messy because of the shrinking checkered lines, and it will not enlarge the checkered lines.

In addition, the O -style large checkered coat is also a very good choice. Because the large grid itself has a sense of expansion, combined with the O -type style, the shape will look very lazy and casual.

Second, the combination of “checkered coat”


Well, after finishing the specific selection of ideas, we should talk about how to match the “plaid coat”. If you want to wear a checkered coat, we still have to start with “inside”!


Idea ①: checkered coat+same color in the same color system

The color of the checkered coat is more messy than solid color clothing, so in matching, we must choose the solid color inner matching first. At this time, we can try to match the same color in the same color.

A checkered coat with a black sweater+black jeans, the inner color of the same color, and the body lines are extended, and the more complex plaid coats are matched with one click to highlight the sense of layering.


Of course, if we think that the same color is too monotonous, we can also stack another color inner color, such as the blogger Pick’s plaid coat+black suit set+brown sweater, Rich levels, clear contrast, warm and beautiful.


Idea ②: checkered coat+sweater+jeans

If you want to wear a retro temperament, then we can simply choose jeans+brown sweaters to match the plaid coat with earth color system. A slim sweater+tight jeans, stretched the body lines, sexy and thin. The addition of checkered coats laid the shape of the “retro college”, making the shape more advanced and more fashionable!

look3: checkered coat+shirt+skirt

Of course, sisters who want to wear a female charm have to choose a lot of skirts as a match. A black shirt with a yellow skirt with a yellow skirt, bright and generous, open and free. Coupled with the checkered coat, it perfectly suppresses the jumping of the yellow half body skirt. The whole shape has both highlights and calm enough.

Well, see here, the content of this issue is about to end here. If you have better dressing suggestions, just leave a message below to interact with me. We see you next time.