Covered on the coal lighter to open the sound without a crispy sound -solution


I can’t talk about the lighter’s enthusiasts. I have a habit to buy a lighter for myself every year during my birthday. Slowly, there are more simple small faults who have played more. After I turned over Baidu countless times, I can simply repair it after asking a certain online shop seller.

Several of my friends said that their lighter now has a movement or not as clear as the original voice.

This is simple. The tools needed are also very simple, just a tweeter.

Where is the specific problem? The upper hinge of the lighter.

It’s the little thing in the picture above. Everyone is no stranger. The internal test of the lighter cover. The icon on the left is the upper hinge.

Let me tell you how the crisp sound of the lighter came out. There is a small accessory on the inner tendon called a lighter cam. As shown below.


This is the cam on the lighter.

When you open the upper cover, the cam will make a crisp sound.


After countless times, the mechanical hinge will cause deformation or displacement. Then the consequence is that the sound will slowly get stuffy.

Everyone takes out the lighter inner lighter. Then gently push the upper hinge of the upper cover with the gardenia. Then put on the inner orchy and open the cover to try it. The original crisp sound repeatedly returned.

I hope to be helpful! [Smile] [Smile] [Laughs]