Feel the soft water magic, Yikou “Meiyan Series” bath soft water machine experience


As the saying goes, skin is the “second face” of human beings. Good skin can bring not only beauty, but also confident. Having a good skin is all the young men and girls dream of. For the sake of beautiful skin, more than thousands of skin care products are only zero, not to mention the skin maintenance of three or five months. However, even so, after the high investment, many people’s skin status is still mediocre and the results have little effect.

Skin care is not just as simple as cosmetics

In fact, skin care is not as simple as stacking skin care products on the face. To maintain the skin condition, daily cleaning is more important. Cleaning water is the key to easily ignore. Long -term use of hard water to clean the skin. The soap base will form viscous substances with calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water. It adheres to the surface of the skin. If you are allergic, soap stains on your face will easily lead to dry skin, stimulating the skin problems such as folliculitis, acne, eczema, and fresh cowhide. The old saying that “one side of the water and soil raising one party” is the best confirmation. In the south with softer water quality, boys and girls will generally be better than northerners in terms of skin state.


Make bathing a beauty artifact for SPA


Do you often feel dry and tight skin, sensitive redness, and itching after taking a bath? In fact, this is because the water is caused by excessive water quality. The skin is the same as humans. It also needs good water to nourish. What we want to experience today is a new soft water designed for the pursuit of quality life -Yikou “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine. Making bathing is not only clean and relaxed, but also to be intimate care of the skin.

Round shape, small and simple


Yikou’s “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine uses classic black and white color schemes, round shape, small and simple, and can be well integrated into various styles of home improvement. The thickness of the fuselage is only 200mm, you can install it on the wall, or it can be placed under the cabinet. After the installation, it will not take up too much space volume. Yikou’s “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine is also intimately divided into two versions of gas water heater and electric water heater. Families with limited space can also be easily used.


In the middle of the pure white body is a large screen and operation button. Here you can set the machine parameters and functions. The panel is also specially treated with dustproof and waterproof to ensure the safety of use. When idle, the current time will be displayed as a screen protection. If the machine detects water, it will directly display practical information such as current water outlet speed.


Yikou “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine is thin as 200mm


Ultra -thin body, no need to occupy extra space

Automatically display traffic changes when the machine is out of water


At the top left of the fuselage is the entrance to the salt box. After opening the lid, you can add it inside. It is worth mentioning that Yikou’s “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine adopts a patented salt box design, which can improve regeneration efficiency, save salt and water. The machine also has a built -in infrared sensing system that can automatically detect the internal salt position. If the machine’s salt is insufficient, alarm will be issued to remind salt.

AI dynamic adjustment regeneration, saving salt and water

The “Meiyan series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine adopts a safe and reliable ion exchange method. By using ion exchange to replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the water to reduce the hardness of the water quality. When the resin adsorbs calcium and magnesium ions is close to saturation, the regeneration will be automatically carried out, and the calcium magnesium ion attached to the resin is replaced by the regeneration agent and took it away by the washing. After the resin regeneration is completed, it has the ability to soften the water. Prepare for the next round of softening. The entire water softening process does not require manual intervention, and it is fully automatically carried out, which is convenient and worry -free.

At present, the mainstream water soft machines in the market are mostly regenerated by testing the amount of water, and the regeneration efficiency is low. There is also the possibility of disconnected water supply soft water during use. Yikou’s “Meiyan” series wall -mounted water soft water machine has a new AI dynamic adjustment function. It can adjust the amount of each regeneration of each regeneration according to the actual water consumption of the user to ensure the quality of the water and save salt and water.

According to the official introduction, the ion exchange resin used by the “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine is a high -quality yang ionic resin that obtains NSF -certified Romenhaas (DuPont). Compared with ordinary resin, it has high work efficiency, fast water softness, and long life.

In order to achieve long -term use and extend the service life of the equipment, Yikou also adopted the imported plate multi -road valve design on the “Meiyan series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine. This design can increase the stable control of water pressure and improve the traditional water pressure The problem of decline and increase the flow of water.

Is it really useful? Soft water experience test

As a home appliance editor, I know the importance of good water, and good water is not limited to drinking water. Theoretically, soft water does not contain calcium and magnesium ions, and does not produce scale, because there is no calcium magnesium ion, and the lumbic acid gum in the water should not be converged. This is why the use of soft water can bring better cleaning effect under the same circumstances. s reason.

Having said so many functional characteristics, it is not as good as actual use tests. Today, the Zhongguancun Home Appliances Channel Review Troupe came to the user’s home that installed the “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted soft water machine in Yikou. The actual test and personally experienced the use of soft water.

Water quality test

We use the professional water quality total hardness test strip, which compares the hardness of tap water and soft water. After testing, we can clearly distinguish hard water and soft water. The hardness of the water quality without softening is greater than 200 ppm, and after softening through the “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine, the water quality hardness is about 5-10 ppm. It can be seen that through the “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine through Yikou, it can really have a significant softening effect on water quality.

(Left) Use tap water to use the “Meiyan series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine (right)

Soft water soap dirt test


One of the biggest differences between soft water and hard water is that soft water does not produce soap dirt, and calcium ions in tap water are easy to form floats with soap and detergent. Do you often find that there is a strong soap on the clothes after drying after drying the clothes? If so, then your water quality must not be soft enough, and you need to soften it.

In order to test the soft water effects of the Wall -mounted bath soft water in Yikou “Meiyan Series”, we used the equal amount of soap debris in the two small cups, added tap water and the soft water after treatment, stirred it evenly, and shake it. Water hanging walls, wait for the same time to observe.


The amount of soaps of two cups of soap is the same

The softened water comparison item foam after stirring is richer


The phenomenon of soap dirt appears from tap water comparison items

Test comparison found that the use of soft water can indeed produce richer foam, and the soap of the wall will not occur after drying the soap. In fact, the skin is the same. Cleaning the skin with tap water is prone to residual problems. It is better to clean the skin and use soft water to clean. We also used common facial cleanser to compare. After rubbing with soft water washing milk, it was more likely to produce foam, and the foam was more delicate and even.

Actual test experience

Under different tests, what do you feel like to use obvious differences in water? We started a new round of actual experience tests. We used soft water and ordinary tap water to clean the facial cleansers and hair, and measured with professional instruments to compare the changes between the two. PS is responsible for the lady of the evaluation group. Compared with men, the effect may be stronger.

The younger sister described itself that the skin after washing with soft water was obviously smoother, like wiping moisturizing dew. In fact, the smoothness of soft water not only protects the cuticles of the skin, but also forms a natural water film on the surface of the skin. Professional skin testing instruments test also confirms this. After using soft water to clean the face, the skin is cleaned more thoroughly, the skin oil is reduced, and the water is greatly improved. The skin is like drinking water, and the score is soaring.

Use Yikou “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water soft water to shampoo

Shampooing with soft water also feels the same. The hair is smoother. Although it has been rinsed, it feels as smooth as it feels when it is not cleaned. After the hair is washed, the hair will be clearly felt.

Users’ personal description, witness the magical experience of soft water

Ms. Li is a mother who chose to install the “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted soft water machine this time. Before pregnancy, she was a strong woman who was improving. After pregnancy, she still adhered to a attitude of never compromising life. Everything was perfect. Even for the simplest clean bath water, she demanded the extreme. In addition to good cleaning water, in addition to bringing better cleaning effects, increasing the comfort of water, it can even replenish the skin deeply. Originally, it was allergic. After washing the face, it was often easy to turn red. After cleaning the soft water for a period of time, the skin condition improved significantly. The effect is also very obvious when shampooing, and you can clearly feel the difference between ordinary tap water and soft water in once.

There are many benefits of soft water, not just skin care


Bathing cleaning can not only be skin care, but also has extraordinary effects in daily cleaning and extending home appliances. We usually wipe the glass with a wet towel, and often appear to look clean, and the water becomes dirty after the water is dry. This phenomenon often exists in the faucet and shower in the bathroom. In fact, this is caused by the excellent water quality.

If the “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine is installed in the home, and the soft water is used for cleaning and bathing. The water stain residue problems such as glass, faucet, and shower in the bathroom can be solved. Daily cleaning will be a lot more convenient. Soft water does not produce scale. It can also reduce the aging of electrical equipment in front of the water heater. For a long time, the heating pipe of the water heater will not reduce the efficiency of thermal water due to scale wrap.

Written at the end:


Many friends only know the skin care, but ignore the cleaner and bathing water that the skin is most often exposed to. It will only become dirty and worse without clean skin. How to improve the quality of clean water? Installing a soft water machine is a good choice. The “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine in Yikou’s “Meiyan Series” of this review excellent performance. Whether it is its small and thin appearance, automatic AI regeneration, no manual operation processing process, or the performance of the water quality situation after softening after finally softening, it is very good. Outstanding, let the young ladies and sisters of the evaluation group were eager to move, and the wallet could not be suppressed.

Is it worth buying? The editor believes that the water soft machine is different from the products such as the well -known end water purifier. It solves many pain points and inconvenience caused by the hardships that the family is using every day. Experience. If you attach great importance to your skin health, want to make your skin feel refreshing, and pursue a more comfortable and healthy clean bath experience, then the water soft machine must be a cosmetic artifact that can significantly improve the quality of life. At present, Yikou’s “Meiyan Series” wall -mounted bath soft water machine has been officially launched. Interested friends can go to local stores for experience and personally feel the different beauty of beauty brought by soft water.

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