Do you just do a quilt?


In order to create a more comfortable sleeping environment, the mattress and sheets are usually paved.Does the quilt do not lay a mattress?PCHOUSE takes everyone to understand.


First of all, it is also possible to lay a quilt on the bed with a quilt, mainly depending on personal sleeping habits.However, starting from all aspects, it is better to pave the mattress.The bed mattress is suitable for soft and hard, and it is more comfortable to sleep. Some bed surfaces are flat. If you are not panicked, you can only spread the quilt without the mattress.

Normally, the beds at home will laid mattresses, especially some wooden beds to reduce hardness and sleep more comfortably.If you only spread the quilt, after a period of time, the quilt will smell, and it is not easy to disperse. It needs to be cleaned frequently.