A cup of yellow grass tea a day can not only protect the liver, but also achieve the effect of increasing the amount of alcohol


Liver protection tea is the tea that protects the liver. As early as the Qianlong period, the Emperor Qianlong was worshiped as “Yu Tea”, which made him tribute to Beijing every year. It evolved into today’s liver protection tea.

Drinking liver protection tea can achieve qi nourishing qi and nourishing blood, reducing thirst, reducing blood sugar and cholesterol, softening blood vessels, moisturizing the lungs and removing phlegm, relieving liver and qi, clearing heat and detoxifying, protecting the liver and liver, and adding the stomach to protect the kidneys and the kidneys. The herbal essence makes the product’s efficacy more and more prominent.

The rushing yellow grass produced in Gulin County contains a variety of effective ingredients. The repair of liver injury and the protection of hepatitis B virus are the best. Frequent drinking can not only protect the liver and liver, but also achieve the effect of increasing the amount of alcohol.


The role of rushing yellow grass:

Ceremony with yellow grass, sweetness, non -toxic, diuretic, diuretic, urination, blood circulation, stasis, spleen, and jaundice, etc., treat jaundice, edema, closed, blood collapse, decline damage, and various types of hepatitis and gallbladder vessels Flames and fatty liver are respected by the Miao people as traditional drugs.

1. Hurrying Huangcao can hangover

Studies have shown that the ingredients such as non -meal acid and dermatin contained in yellow grass are effective ingredients known to have anti -hepatitis B virus and liver prevention.

2, catching yellow grass can protect the liver

Hurrying Huangcao is an authentic Chinese medicinal material. Hurrying Huangcao has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, flat liver and spleen. exist

Clinical medicine

It is often used for the treatment of alcoholic liver, fatty liver, drug liver, stress liver, hepatitis A virus, cholecystitis and other liver diseases. Because its ingredients contain effective ingredients such as non -meal acid and cordin, they have a very good treatment effect on hepatitis B virus, and can play a role in nourishing the liver and protecting the liver. Very good conditioning effect.

people suitble


◆ People with fatty liver, hyperlipidemia;

◆ Liver damage caused by alcoholicity;


◆ Asian healthy middle -aged and elderly friends;

◆ Long -term intense work, high work pressure, and high spiritual tension;

◆ People who are willing to keep youthful, physical and mental health;


[Unsuitable crowd] Pregnant and lactating women should not drink. Children.