The stars record the Spring Festival Gala of the Literary Literature: Zhou Zelong to shrinking, “Qiao Family Children” is suspected to perform on the same stage


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On January 6, many stars participated in the recording of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and Reuters’ photos were also exposed.

Literary Spring Festival Evening is called


Baihua Yingchun — the Chinese literature and art world of the Spring Festival, hosted by the Chinese Federation of Literature and Art, the importance is self -evident.


This time, the audience’s old acquaintances were also recorded in the party, such as the “Belled Bird” Zhou Shen, and Song Zuer, Mao Xiaotong, Zhou Yanran and Tang Yixin starring in “The Children of the Qiao Family”.


Recently, the temperature in Beijing has reached less than zero, and the staff have put on a large cotton jacket to dress up. Because Zhou Shen was going to participate in the program recording, he was thinner and put a coat directly on the outside of the shirt.


He froze until he got into a ball, and his hands were tightly placed in his pocket. The small curly hair was also sandwiched with a brilliant card, which vividly interpreted what it means “cute and well -helpless.”

What is more “miserable” than Zhou Shen is a number of female stars. They have made the shape in advance and directly wearing a tulle dress to participate in the recording.

Almost every female star has a furry coat on the cold. Two hands are shrunk in the sleeves, and they can feel the cold of the scene across the screen.

It is worth noting that the shapes of Mao Xiaotong, Tang Yixin and Song Zuer are very similar. Except for the details and colors, other places can be said to be exactly the same.


For example, Mao Xiaotong was wearing a pink mopped dress, and her upper body was still wearing a large plush coat, and the assistant followed her to lift the skirt behind her.

Tang Yixin also wore a fog blue tulle skirt and a coat like Mao Xiaotong. Song Zuer was wearing a white tulle skirt with sequins on it.

Following the three of Mao Xiaotong, Zhou Yanran appeared at the same time, and Zhou Shen was also the original singing of the theme song of the TV series. Watching this situation, the audience could not help but speculate that the four of them had to perform the same show.

“Children of the Qiao Family” is definitely one of the hit dramas this year. If they really cooperate again, it is a rare surprise.

In addition to the crew of “Children of the Qiao Family”, Yang Mi and the Times Junior Troupe also participated in the party recording the day before. The famous female soprano singer Slix also posted photos of the recording site on the social account.

However, unfortunately, because Zhou Tao was transferred, he was exposed to the director of the party who would no longer serve as a party.

There are not only old artists, small fresh meat, but also actors who are happy to hear. It can be said that they are all available, suitable for all ages.

Everyone may wish to look forward to the wonderful performance of the stars.



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