Wang Yizhe and the character achieve each other


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The day before the shooting, Wang Yizhe was very late because of his work. Starring in “Yulouchun”, let him be in a tide -like opportunity, and also comes with intensive strokes and energy overdrafts. When I walked into the studio, I naturally had a little tiredness, but he was not late, and he could still jump when he entered work.

Wang Yizhe still remembers the moment of the moment of determining that he was going to be the leading actor, not excited. “I’m sure I have been prepared.” He said that if there is a little defect, it is very hard, but “Who thinks it is a bad thing.”

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I’m not so afraid of messed up

Wang Yizhe’s fame, followed the steady line of this generation of young actors, participated in the important supporting role of many popular dramas such as “Yanxi Raiders” and “Fire Fire Military Academy”; five years later, he ushered in his first male Hosterity: Play “Sun Yulou” in “Yulouchun”. The younger brother of the first assistant’s concubine is not a traditional overbearing president. Whether it is to deceive or refuse in love, Sun Yulou’s choice is always bold and innocent. The sense of measurement is actually not easy to perform.

“In terms of personality, Sun Yulou is a character with a very big contrast to me.” In fact, Wang Yizhe, who has planned everything, is not easy to understand the romantic “Sun Yulou” that loves love is bigger than heaven.

He still remembers the scene he had performed wrong. Sun Yulou did not hesitate to ask for medicine for his people, but found that the other party just rejected himself when sending the medicine. For the first time, Wang Yizhe’s handling was “I was very angry, and the medicine bottle fell on the ground”, but the director shouted, which was wrong. “I realized that it was Wang Yizhe just now, not Sun Yulou. Because he was angry, the first reaction still loved her, don’t let her be difficult to do, uncomfortable.”

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The encounter between actors and characters is also a achievement of each other.

When asked what happened to “Sun Yulou”, Wang Yizhe said without thinking: “Make me simpler and more brave.”

王一哲 与角色互相成就

His observation of himself is “not so much to talk, and he will be heavy. It is definitely not a straight ball like Sun Yulou. In the face of people who like it, you will not know what to say, and you will be hidden in your heart. Maybe I have 100 points in my heart. It is only 10 points. ” Because I am worried that I am too active and active, and the other party does not receive it or does not want to respond, I feel very injured.

In a sense, this is also a kind of “self -pulling power limit”. Not so romantic and passionate, not the actor, but it is safe. Wang Yizhe is willing to make himself in a safer position. “My self -protection awareness is too strong.” But “Sun Yulou” would not. He believed that there would be returns to work hard, and those who liked it would like himself. There was no concept of “I can’t do” in his mind. This youthful courage also broaden Wang Yizhe.

“I started to feel … if I really long for one thing and refuse to knock me down.”

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王一哲 与角色互相成就

After encountering a very favorite role, the director or producer did not consider using him from the beginning, because “it was a complex and dark character, they felt that I was not like a villain at first glance, but Wang Yizhe did give up. He is not the kind of person who writes thousands of characters or records a video interpretation of a person who understands the role. He prefers to face face to face, and the short soldiers are connected. “I prefer to explain my understanding of this role in person and the former history I built. I don’t like nonsense.” He was firm in tone and brought a little bit of this age: “I think I can give this role through my performance, give this role to this role Give different understandings. “

“If you try more, you are not good at, what’s the problem?”

Wang Yizhe in the makeup mirror, the makeup artist fiddled with Qi Mei’s bangs, covered his eyes a little, but the carefully modified hair was bright. “Thinking too much is the protection mechanism, but people can’t stay in the comfort zone. I slowly discovered that I was young and I had a lot of time to try and error.”

He thought about it, and added: “I’m not so afraid of messed up now.”

Self -control and re -simplicity

Karamay in the spring of 1997 is in the rapid construction of the city. The high -rise buildings rose up, replacing the original low bungalow, and the children running in the alley Mo were also brought together. Wang Yizhe’s earliest childhood memory, since then. For a new home with his mother, he can sit for a afternoon, pour a pot of water in the bathroom, put a toy, just squat quietly, and you can also play for one afternoon.

王一哲 与角色互相成就

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“I have never been the kind of child who likes to run blindly on the road.” In the wind reviews in the neighborhood, he is “other children’s children”: good, never escaping, and will not play games with friends. But if the classmates want to play the game, they can say “I go to Wang Yizhe’s homework” with my parents, and the parents are very relieved. In case you are really asked, Wang Yizhe will help to cover. “I will not be able to see it occasionally from an early age, because my face is always calm.”

In the mid -to -late 1990s, children had been sent to various tuition classes, but Wang Yizhe’s parents did not want to give him too much pressure. They have always been the kind of optimistic and great parents who have no excessive requirements for their children. So Wang Yizhe went to learn to dance, and it was his own arrangement. “I have been myself since I was a child, and my parents did not ask, so I had a request for myself.” At the age of 14, he took his idea again. Determine and bear the consequences.

王一哲 与角色互相成就

Every “PLAN B” person has benefited from these self -protection and presets, and supports the difficult time, and Wang Yizhe is no exception. But now, it can be “becoming a simple boy” again, and it is more and more like a gift.

When asked, “What characters have always wanted to play and did not play.” Wang Yizhe replied: “Modern campus drama.” It is a high school student who is worried about his homework, games, and green secrets every day.

王一哲 与角色互相成就

Campus life has always been Wang Yizhe’s regret. When he was in college, he liked the TV series “Hurry That Year”, because “such high school time is my ideal look, youthful and pure love, but it is very real. Because my own high school life is boring and very very very lively and very, Busy, it’s not the case at all. “Dancing from elementary school, to prepare for tutoring in high school, it is always in a hurry. It is difficult to have time to do some stupid things with classmates to enhance friendship. “Youth passes, but it is important itself. If you play campus dramas, you may make up for the life I lack.”

This is probably his expectation of the actor’s job. “Going to many different places and entering a new character will keep himself fresh and know -knowledge.”

王一哲 与角色互相成就

His next year’s plan is to take time to learn the professional knowledge. The confidence of this young man is being polished by his achievements and praise, but it does not prevent him from being sober. He is eager to interpret the characters that “don’t look like me at a glance”: more complicated, layered, and different aspects like diamonds. “As an actor’s talent, it is very important, but you cannot support every character by talent. You need to use technical support to reshape.”

Wang Yizhe gradually learned not to make a big plan, and only arranged for his next half a year to be satisfied with this small and real sense of self -control. “Now I think of it, maybe I have always been a workaholic, and the endurance is relatively strong. The better at work, the more lazy I will be more and more lazy.

Eating is too happy

In this shooting, there is a very short knit sweater with checkerboard plaid, which is a highly difficult item. It has requirements for the body shape and posture of the wearer, but he has performed very freely in this shape. The knitted material set off his smooth and full upper body muscle group. The flexible lines trained by dance skills for many years are also at a glance.

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Black trousers

王一哲 与角色互相成就

Gold and silver dual -color bag chain is used as a belt

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In contrast to Qingxiu’s face, Wang Yizhe really loves fitness.

When you do n’t enter the group, you will go to the gym three to four times a week, and you will keep it twice a week, and the wind and rain will be unobstructed. Of course, like you and me, he will have a lot of struggle when he is lying on the sofa -but he will always “hold a carp” and go to fitness. The reason for persuading himself to be called by Wang Yizhe is the cost of sinking: “My muscles are all the results of spending a lot of time and energy, and I waste it if they don’t go.”

“Fitness can reduce my anxiety, because I will hypnotize myself ‘healthy’, and maintain my figure and reduce the anxiety of the shape.” Wang Yizhe is very frank about his appearance: “It is impossible to say. Everyone is everyone. Everyone is everyone. Everyone Yes? Everyone knows themselves best, and will enlarge every detail when disassembling. In fact, outsiders may not pay attention to it, but they can’t pass their own level. “So he chose the most active way to” anxiety “.

When entering the group, Wang Yizhe will choose to practice dumbbells in the room, especially on those days when you face frustration and nervousness. Back to his room, exercise, sweat, wash, and fall on the bed is a new day. But he will never refuse to dine in order to maintain his body. In fact, he insists: “I fit for rest assured to eat!”

“I tried very strictly to calculate the calories, but forced myself to be tired and aggravated anxiety. Too much more calories will make food painful, but eating itself should be a happy thing. So I decided that I focused on the present. Just eat happiness. “

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He will also give himself a chance to eat meals once a week, asking for noodles, noodles and noodles. In this regard, Wang Yizhe still maintains the dietary habits of Xinjiang people: a large amount of carbohydrates, a large amount of meat. Although I saw that my classmates were already fat when they returned home, they still did not change their original intention. “I feel super happy to eat a bowl of noodles.” He did not make good noodles, because “I can’t ramen”, although he claims that he “does not discriminate against the machine”, but he thinks about it Still want to pull it handmade, okay? “

王一哲 与角色互相成就

Wang Yizhe’s recent mantra is “Our Taurus”. Indeed, let Taurus give up food and family life, it will just want their life. And if you go shopping, Taurus men also prefer to go to supermarkets, vegetable markets and furniture stores. “It feels very cool when you just stroll around. You do n’t have to buy it after shopping.

王一哲 与角色互相成就

If I do n’t confess, it ’s hard to imagine that Wang Yizhe also has a very grounded hobby: supermarket comparison. When you buy a toothpaste, you must compare it carefully, to the price of each milligram, and insist that you must buy the most suitable price. “The point is either saving money or comparison. I won’t spend money on things that are not cost -effective.” He showed the cute expression that the sincere obsessed.

王一哲 与角色互相成就

As an actor, he also retained a lot of “muscle” that belongs to ordinary people Wang Yizhe. It is not so delicate and not so particular, but has a real life of life. In a sense, this is probably a “Plan B” he left for himself.

“What will you look like when you are 60 years old?”

“It should be a fat old man who travels around the world.” Wang Yizhe blinked, saying, “I will definitely get fat without being an actor … Fat, I don’t want to control the weight at all, eating is too happy to eat.”

王一哲 与角色互相成就

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王一哲 与角色互相成就

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