After tomorrow: a Lankai 70W gold bar? A row of English characters came out of “truth”


Welcome all friends to come to the “Survival” “After Tomorrow”, which was lectured in this issue ~ Next, let’s talk about hidden fashion in the arcade street, a Lankai 70W gold bar, and “Mengxin Xinxin “Taking out of fun players such as equipment to challenge the experience and discovery of radiation universities ~

Well, not much nonsense, or you are familiar with the “old formula”: there are pictures and evidence, let’s chat and chat ~


Netease hid a new fashion in the arch street and put it on it into another dimension!


There are many different fashions in the “Tomorrow” game, and the “origin” of the fashion is divided into 3 types! The first is the archery street and the most fashion. The second type is from “CC Fashion”, which must be obtained by the lottery, and most of them are limited editions. The third type is the fashion in the formula. If the brother is not remembered, there is only one, and the black fashion used for the limited time is made. Recently, a player on the arch street in the arcade street. Zhong found that Netease hid a new fashion, named “Sai Bo Dimension”!

What about this new fashion? The description given by the planning is: put on fashion and enter another dimension with me ~ But the appearance of this fashion is quite “characteristic” ~ The top is a red cotton coat, and the headwear is the headgear, and the headwear is the headwear. It is a future scientific and technological helmet, which seems to have become a “Super Saiyan” in the “two -dimensional” ~ but I do n’t know why, this fashion is just hidden by NetEase in the arcade street, and and and and. If there is no way to get, Tiange speculates that it may be in the subsequent version to meet you ~


A Lankai 70W gold bar? A row of English characters came out of “truth”!


Speaking of the equipment in the “Tomorrow” game, it is naturally the most expensive weapon ~ In terms of the collection grenade, most districts are about 500,000 gold. Recently The city reached 70W gold bars, which was dazzling ~ But when I saw the game screenshot of this little partner, Tiange saw a row of English characters and instantly knew the “truth” ~ This should be a little partner from the international service. Compared with the national service, the international service cannot be “said on the same day”. The former has very few districts, and how long is the time relationship between the opening area ~ Tiange remembers that a little friend of the international service has exposed his own There are only two camps in the list. The first place has just completed the “corpse tide” of the 10th level, and the second place is the level 5 “corpse tide”, which makes people sigh!

“Mengxin” showed his own equipment and wanted to challenge radiation colleges!

Since the start of the radiation college after “Tomorrow”, the werewolves have continued to surpass themselves and challenged to a higher level ~ As the levels have become higher and higher, the difficulty is getting bigger and bigger. At present, many werewolves stayed at 73 levels. ~ Recently, a “Mengxin” showed his own UM9 assault rifle and fighting pioneer.

In the eyes of Tiange, if it is only such equipment, it can only reach the 15th floor ~ This can be cleared on the 15th floor based on the skilled positioning skills ~ but if you are good at using smoke bombs, then then then It may reach 25 floors, just use a smoke bomb to “cover” the infected person when opening the door or developing the motor. In this way, you only need to play the BOSS ~ Of course, if this kind of equipment is still possible in the new district, if the old district is still possible, if the old district is still possible, if the old district is still possible, if the old district is still possible, the old district is still possible. Not even the bronze paragraphs!

Well, this issue of “After Tomorrow” “Survive”, I have talked with you here, thank you for reading. Let ’s see it in the comment area and talk together ~

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