An accident occurred in a steel -refining workshop in Anhui, and responded to: Workers’ clothes were scated and not injured


On September 3, 2021, a safety accident occurred in the long -material business department of Ma’anshan City, Ma’anshan City, Anhui, and smelting steel

During the process of casting the steel water, running steel, red steel smashed into the workers.

The video showed that a worker wearing a work uniform and wearing a blue helmet stood in the workshop. The black steelmaking machine suddenly flashed the spark. The workers realized that the situation was wrong and intentionally avoided it. Burning and casting into the red steel like a red snake, quickly flowing around, smashing the workers who fled to the door. Workers fell to the ground and fled.

Director Xiao of the Public Opinion Center of the Malaysian Steel Group’s Propaganda Department told Jiupai News that the incident occurred on the afternoon of September 2, and there were currently no casualties.

It claimed that the smashed worker fell a follower at the time, which was not a big deal, but the clothes were scalded by the red steel. At present, the steelmaking workshop running steel casting steel is currently running, and the professional testing department is verifying the cause of the accident.


Director Xiao also said that there is a row of yellow protective fences on the edge of the steelmaking workshop, and the group’s safety protection, “it is still very good.”

Wuhan Morning Post reporter Xu Ming