2021/22 Autumn and winter hot sales fabrics and auxiliary materials (3)



Inspiration and color

In an optimistic and positive spiritual paradise, relaxation and freedom of emotions and rich creativity build a new world with more inherent strength. Happy and emotional color rendering a pure romantic style. The pleasant pink color brings out the sense of happiness and vitality full of vitality and vitality, and the beautiful green grass green, banana yellow, sunset red and other colorful vitality; peach pink and soaked green will be exquisite, elegant, clear, clean and perfect; During the post -epidemic era, the emotional demands of people longing for healing, the color of the cosmic blue -purple, misty purple, etc., fully released the healing energy; the interstellar blue is coming, and the luminous silver charm is elegant. The new world with more internal strength has been re -built to create a romantic style of pure healing.

Clothing single & material (women’s clothing)

Romantic girlfriend

Emotional freedom wakes up the initial ideal, which is the rich and elegant connotation of autumn and winter women’s clothing. The bright and soft colors are matched with delicate and smooth fabrics to add the romantic spring and summer romance to the comfortable autumn and winter girlfriends. Silk and smart acetic acid fiber and real silk fabric break the thick and heavy style of autumn and winter single -style styles, and bring the texture of pajamas, drooping skirts, ladies shirts, showing elegance and light charm. The color weaving real silk silk silk is smooth and smooth. After adding polyester blending, it not only has both anti -wrinkle and washing resistance, but also creates high cost -effective choices that are popular with the market. The exquisite same -colored lifting, digital printing gives more changes to the appearance of the fabric. While the fabric is environmentally friendly, it presents an elegant and low -key appearance, and it is even more sensible.

1 Dali (China) Co., Ltd.

2 Shanghai Hongchuang Textile Co., Ltd.

3 Shaoxing Kaiheng Textile Co., Ltd.

4 Haining Tianyi Textile Co., Ltd.

5 Hangzhou Xinyuan Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.

6 Shaoxing Shunjia Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

7 Wujiang Zhongxun Textile Co., Ltd.

8 Shaoxing Dayi Textile Co., Ltd.

9, 10 Jincheng Nansheis Ma Weizhi Co., Ltd.

11 Mori Hardware Clothing Co., Ltd.

12 Dongguan Mingjia Rope Band Weaving Co., Ltd.

13 Shilin clothing auxiliary materials commercial bank


14 Guangzhou Zhanyi Weaving Co., Ltd.

Clothing single & material (men’s clothing)

Kong Youzhi

Sports elements penetrate into the field of urban commute men’s clothing, bringing a bright new style of daily style. The color of the cold winter in the cold winter gives the fabric to the unique clearness and purity of the fabric, or with a small and delicate geometric pattern, or the irregular texture created by the microcomioxia yarn, to give me more sense of wisdom to men’s shirts and casual jackets. In the post -epidemic era, health, protection and high quality have become the first choice for daily: the perfect combination of new dyeing process and PE film, so that the fabric has good antistatic effects and anti -liquid penetration functions; Dry, bacteriostatic and other functionality, creating a close -up style with both quality. The tough fabric sense uses the natural water washing effect and unevenness and slight sensation, so that the urban dress has more natural features.

1 Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd.

2 Shenzhen Jiaxin Textile Co., Ltd.


3,5,8 Lutai Textile Co., Ltd.

4 Suzhou Vanno Textile Co., Ltd.

6 Shaoxing Film Valley Textile Co., Ltd.

7 Kunshan Junbang Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

9 Jiaxing Emperor Hui Textile Co., Ltd.

10 Guangzhou Rongjian Textile Co., Ltd.

11, 12 Licheng Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Wise kingdom


The rapid leap of digital technology creates an immersive experience of entry, and prompts the virtual reality to coexist with the real world; artificial intelligence has become another strong advancement force that deeply explores the unknown world; the severe pressure of the epidemic drives dark aesthetics Become a effective channel for people to disburse inner pressure; retro luxury introduces a more advanced stage to introduce the original sports and leisure style of Vientiane. Here, color achieves the best expression of street style with the bright and bright form; smart blue is the continuation of seasonal colors, with both natural style and digital aesthetics. The rich dark color is extraordinary, gorgeous and extraordinary, and after harmony with metal color, upgrade the retro movement appearance, showing a high -level trend.

Practical Chinese

In the deep -associated wisdom world, men’s styles have a more bold visual impact, bringing retro street style. The original gorgeous and rich colors have gone through the baptism of the digital world, bringing more luxurious views to the very practical cotton material. The large amount of natural dyes and environmental dyes make it no longer a burden on the environment. In order to ensure the softness and comfort of the fabric, the double -layer tissue fabric can be treated with light fluffy to achieve a smooth and warm feel. The use of organic cotton, mulberry silk, wool and other high -quality raw materials effectively enhance the quality. A sense of thin jacket; exquisite cloth texture combined with surface gloss, which is effective for application needs wearing multi -scenes; shirt -style jackets, measuring pants, etc. Most of them use technology color matching plaids, three -dimensional effect texture fabrics, to achieve the perfect fusion of virtual and reality. Essence

1 Guangzhou Chao Eucalyptus Cotton Textile Co., Ltd.


2 Shenzhen Ding Shang Textile Co., Ltd.


3 Suzhou Vanno Textile Co., Ltd.

4, 5 Jiangsu Failure Textile Co., Ltd.


6 Shandong Ruyi Wool Spinning Clothing Group Co., Ltd.

8 Quanzhou Yiba Shi Textile Technology Co., Ltd.


9 Shenzhen Chuanglun Textile Co., Ltd.

10 Shishi Jingwei Textile Co., Ltd.


12 unimoda (far east) LTD

13 happy color

New Luxury Aesthetics

The concept of digitalization of luxury style fabrics brings more future science fiction style to the evening dress and parties. The long -lasting long dress and casual suit, through the interpretation of the luster fabric, bring a wonderful feast: metal effect becomes an important help to create a luxurious style; The light of technology, more high -end skirts, embellish the graceful charm of gloss. The delicate, smooth, and drooping mimic acidic acid fabrics are bright and bright and environmentally friendly; rotten flower velvet containing mulberry silk is based on plant flowers as the stage to create sexy skirts with soft characteristics; The pattern is added to the fabric.


1 Shenzhen Wenhua Textile Fashion Co., Ltd.


2 Wujiang Deyi Fashion Fashion Co., Ltd.

3 Lizhou Jinjin Bu Industry Co., Ltd.


5 Jiangsu Huajia Holding Group Co., Ltd.


6 Explorer Holding Group Co., Ltd.

7 Shaoxing Kezhen Textile Co., Ltd.

8 Wujiang Deyi Fashion Fashion Co., Ltd.

9 Shenghong Group Co., Ltd.

10 Putian Duchai Textiles and Clothing Co., Ltd.

12 Shanghai Zhanmeng clothing auxiliary materials Co., Ltd.

13 Bangtai Crafts

14 Hengli Rope Band Co., Ltd.

Source of information: Chinese women’s clothing fabric trend trend team (planning: Li Xiaofei /text: Gao Yufei /Photography: Zhu Xiaoan)

Inspiration and color

Clothing single & material (women’s clothing)

Clothing single & material (men’s clothing)

4 Suzhou Vanno Textile Co., Ltd.


7 Kunshan Junbang Textile Technology Co., Ltd.