After women are 40 years old, they need to wear more skirts, especially “grid skirts”, and fashion is not just


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After 40 years of age, a woman, whether in appearance or body, will change a lot. It is said that time is old, for women, time is always ruthless. However, there are always some women who are not old. Even when they are middle -aged, they must use good dressing to dress themselves very fashionable.

In Lily’s opinion, women who know how to dress are beautiful. No matter how old she enters, she cannot give up her dress because of her age problems, because she can’t help her because of her years.

After women are 40 years old, they need to choose more skirts to wear, especially the “grid skirt” with a retro atmosphere.


This kind of skirt is not only fashionable but not only, but as long as you use good matching skills, you can wear beautifully.


What length of “grid skirt” to choose by a 40 -year -old woman is more suitable?

For middle -aged women after 40 years of age, what length of length is more suitable when choosing a grid skirt? Lily thinks it is best to choose according to yourself, but

At this age, the middle and long skirts, or half -body long skirts are more suitable.

Like the length of just knees, it is more friendly, whether it is short or small!


If you are too high, don’t try to try a long skirt easily, because if you are not careful, it looks short in minutes.


What style of “plaid skirt” to choose is better?

A -shaped plaid skirt

Like a woman after the age of 40, what style of plaid skirt should I choose? If your lower body ratio is not good enough, there is a problem of width and thick thighs, then Lily recommends that you choose the A -line version of the grid skirt, because this version of the skirt is most suitable for pear -shaped figure, and the proportion of the lower body is not. Good woman.


Moreover, the A -style plaid skirt is still very thin to wear. The key is that it is easy to create an elegant atmosphere. When matching, remember to stuff the jacket into the lower dress and easily create a nine -headed figure.

Straight version grid skirt


In addition to the checked skirt of the A -line version, the straight -version grid skirt is also worth starting. The design of the skirt is straight, and there is no need to question the tolerance of the body ~ As long as you choose the length of its skirt, you can easily wear a thin and beautiful look. Compared with the A -line skirt, the straight version of the skirt can wear a sense of sharpness.

Irregular plaid skirt


In addition to the two plaid skirt styles above, the lattice skirt of this irregular tailor skirt is even more individual. It is not as single as above. The skirt is irregularly tailored. It will be a little elegant and light. The length of the skirt is recommended not to exceed the ankle, and increase the waistline, plus a pair of high -heeled sandals, wearing the street in summer, showing fashion and femininity.



The fashionable dressing of “plaid skirt”

Wear look1: plaid skirt+white lace top

In addition to the retro, the single -skirt can also help you create an elegant French style. Look at this demonstration, you can know that a relatively lighter plaid straight half -body skirt, the top is selected with a white lace top, the top, The overall color matching is relatively light tone, very gentle.

In addition, the length of the skirt is also very reasonable. The skirt is just over the calf, plus the high -waisted design. Such a plaid skirt, even a small woman is suitable for wearing. What’s more, the tops are stuffed into the lower dress. While increasing the waistline, it also extends the proportion of the lower body, perfect! In addition, you can also wear some pearl earrings to show the charm of 40 -year -old women.

Wear look2: Light green grid skirt+same color suit

How can a woman wear a plaid skirt after 40 years old? First of all, the first step is to choose the right style and length. Lily personally recommends that you choose to reach the calf position, that is, the length of just over -the -knee. Coupled with the design of the high waist, it will not be short to wear. This light green plaid skirt is matched with a suit jacket with the same color, which has improved the harmony of the entire shape. The smooth dress will not make mistakes, and it will be high -level.

It is good to match a white top at will. T -shirts or shirts are very good. Women who are in the workplace are very suitable. In addition, it is also suitable for shopping and party occasions.

Wear look3: straight grid skirt+short -sleeved sweater

It is very elegant and temperamental. It is very suitable for women over 40 years of age to wear. The straight lattice skirt is not only thin, but also looks very long. A short woman should choose. The top is a dark blue slim -fitting short -sleeved sweater, which perfectly presents the curve of the figure, which is full of femininity.

In addition, you must remember to stuff your jacket into the skirt, so as to improve the waistline well, and visually show a tall effect. Moreover, this dress is relatively profitable, whether it is commuting in the workplace or shopping.


how? After reading the sharing of Lily above, what do you think? After a woman is 40 years old, she needs to choose more skirts to wear, especially the “grid skirt”, which is not only stylish.

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