Spicy Comment Tea Mi Smart Kung Fu Tea Cup, is 399 yuan expensive?


Now more and more daily necessities are sold to consumers several times after the “smart” label. It is difficult for you to imagine that tea and tea can be intelligently. Recently, I saw a tea -dense intelligent kung fu tea cup that made me particularly exciting, so Xing Chong bought one back and experienced it for a week. I felt that I could have a experience report.

A 399 yuan so -called “smart tea cup” converts it. It is enough to buy 5 Xiaomi bracelets priced at 79 yuan. Is it worth it? This article will give all readers and friends a clear answer.

For Tea Mi Smart Kung Fu Tea Cup, if you want to see its advantages and praise, I suggest you open Baidu and enter “The high -priced tea artifact of the face -controlled high -priced tea -tea smart kung fu cup evaluation”, you will see the full screen Words of Yimei, read through, you will feel that this is the text version of “News Network”. You will feel that your life can be so beautiful. You will also feel that this thing can really make kung fu tea. Tea becomes fashionable and healthy.


Tea Mi Smart Kung Fu Tea Cup overall appearance


Briefly introduce its appearance. It is about 10 cm height and about 7 cm in diameter. The cup body and cup lid are designed with white matte. The overall cylindrical rounded corner transition is concise and fashionable. There are no cups. There are three lower parts to display the status of water cups and white breathing when reminding. The lamp, the bottom of the cup is a colorful breathing light that displays the water temperature level. The appearance can be said to completely subvert the appearance of the traditional tea cup, but it is very different from the traditional water cup or smart water cup. On the whole, it is relatively simple and small.

But from the design, it is at least not lost to the smart bracelet, and it should be worth 100 yuan.


Regarding the material, the tea mighty intelligent kung fu cup uses pure natural corn PLA materials. I checked it. It uses corn as raw materials, and after extraction, fermentation, polymerization and other processes, it produces polymer materials. The material is taken from a pure natural plant source, which is a highlight, adding points.

Cup is valuable and healthy. This healthy and environmentally friendly material is not lost to any other water cups and tea cups. It should be worth at least 100 yuan.


Regarding the structure, there may be a tea leak in the tea dense, but the lid and the cup body are not connected, but it is connected to the tea leak, which subverts my basic understanding of the tea cup or tea bowl. If you do n’t hold the cup body, the lower part of the tea cup will fall. When there is water inside, you accidentally tighten the cup lid. out.

Traditional tea sets to separate teapots and tea cups have certain scientific principles and practical experience. If there are too many factors that need to be considered if it is made, this point is reduced. If the price is discounted, it should be reduced by 50.


This integrated structural innovation is worthy of encouragement. At least simplify tea, but I suggest that the tea leakage becomes smaller and the lid is connected to the cup body.


Real voice voice reminder

Tea Mi is a speaking cup. During the use, there will be several prompts: “Master, hello”, “Please wash tea”, “Tea is good, please enjoy” and so on.


The voice is very similar to Lin Zhiling, very sweet. This is very creative. It is stronger than most of the smart cups on the market, with extra points, at least 50.

Breathing light that can change color

In addition to the three state indicators that can send white light, the cute one is a circular to a warm light band at the bottom. When making tea, it will change the color with the temperature of the water. When it is hot, it will display red. When the temperature is appropriate, it will display orange to yellow. Flash and flashes, very beautiful and warm. This design is both beautiful and humane, at least 50.

Stand -alone intelligence

Without any company, tea density will be used for tea washing and making tea according to the default settings. Try it a few times, although it cannot be adjusted according to the tea species, so that the tea taste of this brewed tea is OK.

Single -machine can make tea for many friends without mobile phones or WeChat to make tea, and there are intelligent glowing and sound reminders. This function should also be worth 50.

Tea washing

Washing tea, on the one hand, washing the impurities on the tea, killing bacteria on the other hand and dissolving toxins. It is still very good for those who drink tea, but they should pay attention to the opportunity to wash tea. Use tea dense and mix hot water with tea. In a few seconds, the system will automatically remind: “Please wash tea.” At this time, it is necessary to move quickly, take out the tea leak, pour the tea, put it back to the tea leak, pour hot water, and formally make tea.

Tea dense tea washing function can help people build healthy tea drinking habits. Time settings and voice reminder are very in place. In addition, if you do not want to wash tea, after 10 seconds, the system will also enter the tea soaking process, which is very humane. This feature should also be worth 50.


WeChat direct connection

Unlike other intelligent devices, you do n’t need to download the app with tea denses. You can control it with your mobile phone, including viewing tea secrets, regulating the volume of voice, tea dense, switching tea dense, replacing tea, viewing tea, management tea seeds, managing tea seeds The functions of tea spectrum are clear at a glance.

Of course, you still need to build a connection with Bluetooth first, but it is eliminated to download and update the tedious app, which greatly improves convenience. This item should also be added, with a value of 50.

Tea management

Tea Mi WeChat has a wealth of tea management, such as Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, Xinyang Maofeng, Biluochun, Pu’er and other 30 markets. Can be set as needed.

It is said that these data are set according to the editor of Lu Yu’s “Tea Sutra”. I read it and it is more in line with my habits. It is very standard. It can be said that for the first time, the digital intelligent application of tea is realized, with points extra points, at least 50.

Tea spectrum editing


Each tea species can be poured in to edit, and you can set up tea time, each tea temperature, and new tea species to form a personality tea spectrum unique to me.

It can be said that the tea spectrum database is open. Tea friends can modify them by DIY editing according to their habits. At present, most smart products cannot be done.

Drink Tea Ranking

Every time you drink tea, the tea density will be recorded, including the number and type of tea drinking every day, week, and monthly tea. These data will be uploaded to the WeChat end through Bluetooth, and you can perform PK with other friends who use tea dense to fully mobilize to mobilize to fully mobilize The enthusiasm of drinking tea and sharing the fun of tea drinking in the circle of friends. This can be said to have achieved tea drinking big data and tea drinking social sharing for the first time, adding points, at least 50.


Waterproof and battery life

Tea density adopts IP67 waterproof design. This is the same as the waterproof level of iPhone7. You can wash and soak water. You don’t have to worry about the problem of circuit watering.

In addition, the tea density uses a 400mA lithium battery, which consumes low power. It is said that it can be used for one month for charging. I used it for more than a week.

These two points can enhance the user’s confidence, add points, at least 50 yuan.



There are also some functions and characteristics of tea dense, which will not be listed here. Now the value of the project we just listed. Except for the structure needs to be improved, a total of 600 yuan is worth it. In this way, 399 is still worth it.

Compared with traditional Kung Fu tea set

A set of similar Zisha Kung Fu tea sets sells two or three hundred, including induction cookers, tea tables, teapots, tea, tea cups, etc., which is also beautiful. If this is the case alone, the dense tea dense should not be nearly 400, but the positioning of tea dense is a smart product. Its value is all in its technology, and the added value brought by these technologies. This is a traditional tea set home. Can’t compare. Moreover, the application scenarios can only be used to make kung fu tea at home with traditional tea sets. You can easily make kung fu tea on the desk with tea dense. It is very convenient to carry it with you. Therefore, the price of tea dense 399 is still more moderate.

Compared with smart water cups

At present, the price of smart water cups at the medium price at the market is between 300-600. For example, Maikai Smart Water Cup. At present, JD.com is 399 yuan, and its positioning is only an entry-level level. The function is to remind the breathing light to remind the water temperature, and the intelligent reminder drinking water. In contrast, the function of tea dense is much more function than it, and the complexity is not a level, and the tea dense packaging indicates that the fever -level intelligent kung fu tea cup is stated, so it is very cheap to sell 399 yuan in tea densely. of.


In summary, whether from the appearance, function, and performance, or with traditional Kung Fu tea cups and smart water cups, 399 yuan is still very cost -effective. Give off, tea mighty intelligent kung fu tea cups are good choices.