Wei Tianhao’s bright yellow sweater shows the sense of youth


Recently, the young actor Wei Tianhao was exposed in a group of spring photos. In the photo, Wei Tianhao wore a bright yellow sweater, and sometimes looked up and smiled, sometimes leaning against the window.warmth.The messy and chic half -flowing sea in the photo, coupled with the outline of the side face, wearing it simply to give people a clean and refreshing feeling, exuding a full sense of youth, presenting a large temperature and pure largeBoy image.

魏天浩 明黄色毛衣尽显少年感

Yesterday, the TV series “Rock Sugar Sydney” starring Wei Tianhao was perfectly ended on Jiangsu Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV and Youku video.Looking forward to Wei Tianhao in the future, he will have more outstanding works to meet with the audience.