South Korea’s Fulimina exfoliating gel, suitable for clean keratin artifacts for sensitive muscles


As a acne muscle,

It is really important to condition the horny!

Regular conditioning keratin will easily lead to closed mouth, blackheads, and acne

Skin care products do not absorb, makeup noodle powder, a lot of skin problems!

I believe that many of the beautiful people have the same trouble as me

So I found a clean keratin artifact that is very suitable for sensitive muscles

[Primera Fulimina Mild Corporal Cordon Gel]

I believe many babies know this brand

As a high -end naturalist skin care brand owned by Amore

Natural and safety of ingredients naturally do not need to worry about

This dew is also unique to me.


Unlike some thick particles

Cause a certain damage to the skin barrier of the skin, and it will be lost


And it ’s really nice if you do it well well. This is really nice.

Main effect

质️ Mild conditioning keratin

头️ Reduce blackheads

肤️ Clean skin

☑️ fine pores

☑️ Light and go yellow

It is transparent, with a faint fragrance, very moist

European cabbage and Indian bitter extracts are added to the ingredients

Can brighten skin tone, anti -inflammatory and numb skin


Gently rub it for 30 seconds, you can see the abandoned horny of the skin start to appear

Can rub the white granular horny objects

After washing your face, you won’t feel tight, the skin is still moisturized

It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week

Feeling the pores is purified every time after washing

Real pore vacuum cleaner! Intersection

Jimei is still waiting to pick it up!