Classic lesson teaching materials of the clerk: 4 combined medication solutions for bacterial vaginitis


Vaginitis is a common gynecological disease in women, which can be triggered by various factors. Among them, bacterial vaginitis is also a category of high incidence of vaginitis. Most of the mixed infections caused by vaginal Gatna and some anaerobic bacteria will generally cause micro -ecological balance in the vagina and cause the following symptoms, including:

Vaginal secretions increase.

Lands gray -white or gray green.

There are rotten fish -like stench and smell worsen after sexual intercourse and menstrual period.

It can be accompanied by mild vulvar itching or burning sensation.

Bacterial vaginitis is mostly damp -heat betting in Chinese medicine. Most of the combined treatment of traditional Chinese and western medicine can achieve better results. Today we will introduce 4 joint schemes for your reference.


Option One:

Huang Tengin Soft Capsule+metronidazole embolism+metronidazole chloro -chloroplastin

Plan analysis:

Huang Tengshin Soft Capsule is clear and detoxifying. Modern research has found that it has a good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Orally can effectively inhibit and kill bacteria. It is suitable for bacterial vaginitis. The main ingredients in gumzole bolt are metronidazole, which are antibacterial drugs for nitridol, and have a clear anti -anaerobic bacteria. They are used for external use of direct lesions. The usage is used for vaginal administration. Once it is cleaned before going to bed at night, 1 drug Put it in the vagina and use 7-10 days in a row; metronidazole chloro-curetic was used for external use. Among them, metronidazole and chloroplastin have antibacterial effects. The usage is to flush vagina. , 7-10 is a course of treatment.


Copytopenin soft capsules are disabled for people with allergies of Puparin hydrochloride, and metronidazole dweton pregnant women and lactating women are disabled.

Option II:

Antinidazole tablets+women Yankang tablets+Ning Ning Suo

Ondidazole is a third -generation nitridol antibacterial drug, which has a strong killing effect on anaerobic bacteria that cause bacterial vaginitis infection. Safety is higher than metronidazole and sinidazole. (2 tablets at a time), once every 12 hours; the woman’s Yankang film clearing heat and dampness, qi and blood circulation, dispersing swelling, used for damp heat betting, treating the disease and treating the disease of poisonous stasis, treating bacterial vaginitis A variety of symptoms, the usage is orally, 6 tablets at a time, 3 times a day; Wash the vulva of the vulva and stuffed the suppository into the deep part of the vagina, once a night for 7 days.

Ondidazole is prohibited from patients with brain and spinal cords, sheep epilepsy, and various organ sclerosis patients, and should avoid drinking or taking alcoholic foods and drugs during taking.

third solution:

Kang Fu Yan Capsule+Nitrile Tarogycin vaginal soft capsule+Jee Yin washing solution

Kang Woman’s Capsule Capsules clearing heat and detoxifying, stagnation stasis, dehumidifying and dehumidifying bands, orally used to treat bacterial vaginitis under wet tropical tropical, 3 capsules at a time, 3 times a day; Topical drugs, the nitrite contained in it is a nitro -amu derivative, has a broad -spectrum anti -microorganism, and is activated on trichomoniasis, bacteria, white cattle, etc. It can treat mixed vaginal infections and use it for vaginal administration. Once a day, after cleaning the vulva before going to bed at night, put 1 capsule in this product into the depths of the vagina and use it for 6 days as a course of treatment; Washing the vulva, clearing heat and dampness, insecticidal and itching, can effectively relieve the symptoms of discomfort, the usage is vulva, take 10 ml of Jiel Yin washing liquid to warm the boiling water to 100 ml, scrub the vulva, use the flusher to 10%of the 10%of the 10%of the 10% The Jieer Yin washing liquid was sent to the deep vagina and rinsed the vagina, once a day, and seven days for a course of treatment.

Kang Woman Capsule Capsule Pregnant Women are disabled, and nitrodico -made vaginal soft capsules pregnant women and lactating women should be used with caution.

Plan 4:

Cylin -hydrochloride Capsule+Cylincin phosphate vaginal gel+Schushu washing fluid

Cylincin is a derivative of Lyocycin, which has a good antibacterial effect on various anaerobic bacteria. It has a strong bactericidal effect on Gram -positive and Gram -negative anaerobic bacteria. It is used in bacterial vaginitis A good treatment effect, the usage is 300mg of orally, twice a day; clinomycin phosphate vaginal gel vaginal administration can maintain a high concentration in the vaginal part and play an antibacterial effect. Once daily, before going to bed at night After cleaning the vulva, send 5G gel with gels to the post -vaginal dome after 3 days; the sun Shuan washing liquid is the prescription of the seedling medicine, which is used to relieve itching and other symptoms. Shake, take an appropriate amount of raw liquid before going to bed every night, add 10 times the amount of warm water to dilute and take a bath for 5 minutes.

For those with allergies for Kylincin or Lynchomycin, a history of allergies for allergies will be disabled in a history of allergies.

In addition to the above medication, patients should also pay attention to the light diet, avoid spicy stimulation of food, change the clothes frequently, and maintain the rules of rest and exercise appropriately. In addition, the above -mentioned vaginal medication should not be used for more than 10 days to avoid intercourse during treatment.


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