There is a fashion called “black tone” in winter. It is recommended that men wear this way.


In winter, many men choose the shape of black tone, but maybe not because of the fashionable black tone, but because the black tone matching will never make mistakes, especially in the seasons with their own heavy sense in winter, black, black, black, black, black, black, black, black, black. Turning shape is a “insurance wear”.


In fact, there is a fashion called “black tone” in winter. Even if the color tone is heavy, the black items occupy the vast proportion of matching, but it can still create a super high sense of fashion and show extraordinary fashion effects.

When boys choose black tones in winter, don’t wear it anymore. Mastering these methods and shapes, the shape can be simple and fashionable. , Easily into fashion trendy men, showing full texture and advanced.


1. Pure black items match like this


When many men carry out black tones, they often choose pure black items to combine to make the shape more “overall”. In fact, the more a single color matching shape, the more you test your personal skills. When using pure black items for matching, pay attention to these aspects to create superior fashion effects.


① The long single version of the version must be decent

Long coats are one of the men’s products that are super high in winter, and black coats are even more common. When choosing a long single product such as a black long coat, you should pay attention to the choice of the version. Because the overall color is the same, the material and length of the long coat will be slightly heavy. If the version is too loose, it will make the whole person look unfavorable, which will greatly reduce the shape. Therefore, in the black tone winter match, the version of the long single items must be decent.

② Add levels through color

When choosing a single color matching as a whole, it does not mean that the shape is always unprecedented. In fact, you can also add a sense of layering through the difference between the material and make the shape look more fashionable. Short leather jackets can make the match look layered through gloss. Although the whole is pure black, it will not seem too dull, and the pure black match is quite outstanding.

Of course, another reason for choosing black leather in winter is from its material. If you want to get rid of the dullness and thickness in winter, this material with a strong sense and lines can be easily done. Simple and capable lines make the whole person look like a lot of aura, showing a full masculinity.


Second, make good use of black and gray match, use up and down stacking

Shaping the black tone in winter does not mean that the shape is limited to the black items. You can also try the high -level black and gray color matching, combined with the method of stacked up and down to present a more colorful shape.


① The upper, deep and down are shallow and temperament


When choosing a combination of black and gray, the depth of the upper and lower colors will also have a greater impact on the overall style. If you choose a dark top with light -colored trousers, such as black wind clothes with light gray jeans, the shape will look a bit trendy, and the temperament of the whole person will be prominent, which will show the colorful shape.

② The upper and lower shallow and elegant

On the contrary, when choosing a light -colored top with dark trousers, although the overall black tone is still maintained, it obviously looks a lot fresh, which greatly increases the elegant atmosphere of the whole person and looks more gentle and soft.


③ Gray items for accessories

The combination of black and gray color matching can not only be presented in the matching of various tops and trousers. Based on the overall pure black shape, add a gray scarf as a accessories, which can also present fashionable and high -level fashion. modeling. This combination is simple, and at the same time, it can greatly increase the sense of fashion, and easily presents the texture.


④ Other color matching up and down stacking

When the upper and lower loads are stacked, everyone does not have to stick to pure black matching and black -gray combinations. They can also choose a more novel shape. Single -colored items such as military green and dark denim can be perfectly combined with black items, showing a good fashion effect.

Third, the internal and external stacks are also colorful

When choosing a black tone, you can use solid color to present the overall sense of shape, and you can also combine the difference between the color matching color to add a sense of layering. Also you can choose the internal and external ways to make the shape more colorful.


① The addition of warm colors makes the shape richer


The warm color fixed color represented by brown can be perfectly integrated into the black tone shape, making your winter match more richer and fashionable. When choosing brown and black items for simple stacking, it seems that the overall color tone is “recovered”, and the black tone is high.


In fact, you can try to stack the black tone items and warm color items internal and external, which not only ensures the high cold atmosphere of the black tone shape, but also makes the match look more layered and richer. Under the black windbreaker, with a warm brown shirt, the shape can look more textured.

Of course, you can also choose more unique items for combination to make black wear more unique. The casual cardigan with a stand -up collar can be used as the inside of the black long trench coat, so that the style between the items can form a collision, and the black tone shape is more unique.

② White is a classic inner matching

If it is difficult to control the inside of the warm color, then start with the simplest white, show the black and white shape of the classic atmosphere. In a pure black match, the presence of the white inside will be slightly stronger, but this will also make your shape look more layered.


In terms of material selection, the material of the inner coat can also be taken in accordance with the coat. When the jacket is lighter and thinner, the simple collarless sweater will be more harmonious as the inside, and the slightly thick coat of the woolen material can choose the inner coat of the knitted element to show decent match.

In winter, the black tone shape is a classic that is never absent, but how can we make the black tone shape appealing to the colorful eye and show a sense of high -level. You also have to master the above simple combination of tips to easily transform into the incarnation Fashionable men.


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