Can dried fruits replace fruits? Dried enthusiasts “please come in”


How do you usually eat fruit? Is it cleaning, peeling, and opening the block? Or is there ready -made fruits waiting for you to eat? … to the home, the pace of life today is very fast. People often pursue the word “saving”, so dried fruits are selected by many people as substitutes for fruits. Is it the same as the nutritional value of fruits? Are there any additives? Can it be eaten by fruits? These issues, the number of movements in this issue will answer you one by one.


How is dried fruit made?

If you want to know whether the fruit of fruit can replace fresh fruits, first of all, we must understand how it was made. The dried fruit in the traditional sense is made of sunlight, dried in hot air, or dry natural shade.

With the development of food technology, it is now gradually replaced by modern methods such as microwave dryness, low temperature (55-70 ° C) hot air, and frozen drying. Keep the nutritional ingredients.

Are there any nutritional fruit?

Compared with fresh fruit, various nutrients of dried fruit have increased and decreased. The reduced components are mainly moisture, vitamin C, and vitamin B1, and the volume and quality of dried fruit will generally be reduced to 20%-30%and the original 6%-20%, respectively.


In addition, due to the concentration of water loss, the content of nutrients such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium in dried fruit will increase.

Can dried fruits replace fruits?


In general, the dried dried water and high sugar made in healthy methods can be stored for a long time at room temperature. It can be used as an appropriate amount of daily snacks.


However, we must divide the dried fruit and honey and plum products, because the latter two contain a large amount of sugar and sodium, so eat as little or not.


(Source: Science Popularization China)

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