Cool shorts you must wear in summer


Summer is really the season of all kinds of beautiful legs, everywhere can be seen everywhere


Various shorts look

Essence Whether it is a cool hot girl or a casual salt style, shorts can be performed well.

And it is not like a short skirt. The upper body will always have a sense of restraint, and it will be in danger of glowing accidentally. Wearing shorts, I was not afraid of jumping casually.

Where is the little fairy who likes to wear shorts? Today Liya chose a wardrobe for everyone’s wardrobe: black denim shorts, a set of look, welcome to copy.

I have always liked black and white color matching. Whether it is an elegant woman or a sweet and hot girl, it can control it well.

And such a simple color use, when standing with other colorful wearing, often looks more even more

Advanced texture


The combination of suspenders+cardigan is also a must -have in summer.

Hanging neck

The style is relatively even more



It is very unfriendly to the fairy with thicker shoulders, and we can directly enter the wide band.

The outer jersey can protect the cold in the air -conditioned room, and sunscreen in the sun, two birds with one stone.


Not a special tight jeans For



A very one -handed version of the punching version of the punch can weaken the problem of thick legs visually.

Although the suspenders and denim shorts are black, the differences between the fabrics make the two rubbing different sparks and have a different sense of eye -catching.


Shoes often determine the overall style direction. After changing the shoes in the same upper body, the whole taste may change. Therefore, the wearing of Yujie’s posture is absolutely inseparable from the bonus of the boots.

Chelsea boots

Simple but not simple, with a thick bottom, naturally increased at the same time.

Use accessories for a small area of ​​style collision


Everyone who notices will say that you will take it!

The gentle noun sharks hit the cool sunglasses. The whole is the new woman of the new woman in the 21st century. There is a tiger and a thin sniffing rose.


The high -end black silver color matching secretly forced the Gra higher to wear a grade and learned quickly.


The matching of high -waisted shorts and slings is also very harmonious, slightly revealing the small waist to pull the waistline, plus the selatium and shoulder and neckline, which GIEGIE can bear it.


If you want to get out of the sexy and sturdy feel, you can do it directly to change the shirt.

The small incense breeze designed by the wool edge and the tranquility blue, filled the gentle and intellectual temperament instantly. Obviously the same denim shorts, but you can achieve two levels of reversal.

The seemingly simple top also has a large design. The narrowing of the waist will not make the whole look straight up and down, which is very friendly to the H -shaped figure.

I just put a fascist bag, and I am pretty, and I go out and go back.

Today’s [every day] is over. Basic shorts like this are actually very good, as long as you make articles in the upper body.