The middle -aged blogger with a height of 153cm will really wear it! When you set like this in spring, your tempera


I found that most women will have anxiety. I always feel that my face is not small enough, the skin is not white, the weight is not light enough, or the height is not tall. Each woman strives for perfection. It is not enough to improve the skin care, and the weight is not light enough to restrain the diet, but some disadvantages are difficult to change, just like height and appearance. This is the root of the anxiety of many people.


Many people have a sense of inferiority because of their mediocre looks and short heights, and they become sensitive and fragile. But in fact, as long as you are confident and willing to improve, you can bloom beauty. The 58 -year -old Japanese blogger is only 153cm tall, and she looks ordinary, but she can always give people a very confident feeling. She will not complain because of aging or inferiority. Skin care, carefully analyze the lack of figure, and strive to improve it by wearing, make yourself look taller and perfect!

Shirt+high waist under

For mature women, shirts are definitely one of the essential items. The shirt marks the formal decent and temperament, and wearing a shirt to make you full of feminine charm. For small women, how to wear a shirt? Learning bloggers will not be wrong! In the first set of wear, wearing a dark blue basic shirt, unlock the top buttons to reduce the dullness, and at the same time can extend the neck lines. With zebra high -heeled shoes, the temperament is capable and high. The black wave dot chiffon shirt is more feminine, and the texture of the chiffon texture is thinner. The lower body with a high -waisted white high -cut skirt, which shows long legs and sexy. High -heeled shoes, a goddess. Basic white shirts with dark blue suit pants, simple and temperament.

Edition Li Ting suit


The suit jacket is also the standard for mature women. With the embellishment of a suit jacket, it really improves the overall temperament in minutes. For small women, we must choose a stylish suit with simple styles. The dark blue suit jacket has a color ribbon shirt in the same color, and it looks tall and temperamental. The small black suit is covered with a white bottoming shirt and a light yellow suit nine -point pants. It is capable and outstanding. In the last set of wear, choose a dark brown straight buckle suit jacket with a dark blue denim straight pants.

Middle -length jacket+same color in the same color

In fact, many small children do not dare to try some long coats. It is easier to put on the body when it is worn on the body, and it will be shorter to wear. Therefore, when choosing a long jacket, you must consider matching when choosing a long jacket. How to match it, you can refer to the blogger’s wear. The gray mid -length knitted cardigan is equipped with simple white T -shirts, and a rice white denim straight pants, which is casual and lost. The gray knitted cardigan with a light blue denim shirt and the same color jeans, which is also very good, can also show handsome and sexy. In the last set of wearing, it is also a gray knitted cardigan with a black system inside, which is thin and tall, and looks generous.


Same color matching

I really love the same color matching. Don’t worry about stepping on the thunder because you don’t understand the coloring. You can easily get the color matching problem. The simple temperament is significantly high. The small woman must try this. The black sweater is stacked with a white bottoming shirt, which is simple and layered. The lower body is paired with dark gray jeans, with a stylish personality. This set of skirts are also super beautiful to wear. The high -waisted version increases the waist, and the hem of the lotus leaf can add fun. The lower body is matched with a straight skirt, which is intellectual and elegant. In the last set of wearing, wearing a dark blue chiffon shirt with the same color tie high -waisted skirt, which highlights the mature female fan of high -quality temperament.



If you want to look high, the waistline must be high. With high waistline, you can easily wear a perfect figure. How to improve the waistline? In addition to selecting high -waisted pants, we can also use the method of plugging to create high waistlines. The simple white T -shirt is casual and comfortable to wear. With military green wide -leg trousers, the jacket is stuffed into the pants to create a high waistline. The overall looks casual and simple. In the second set of wearing, I chose a white letter T -shirt with a simple personality. Putting the hem of the clothes into the pants, casual and personality. Let’s see the last set of wearing, the white T -shirt is stuffed into the skirt of the same color system, refreshing atmosphere, high and elegant.


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