What kind of coat you are?


Fan said, “Yan thin ring fertilizer”, there is always a coat suitable for you

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Autumn, the wind rises, the leaves fall, and the straight men are also time to add a warm and stylish coat.

Speaking of a must -have coat for men, the most impressive image of Fan Lord is probably a felt hat, a coat, and a big brother on the beach in the air field ~

In addition to the overbearing president, the smart and intelligent detective also loves the coat ~

In fact, the coat can not only wear a gas field, but also synonymous with gentlemen and elegance, which is loved by celebrity politicians.


In addition, the coat is still a must -have weapon for fashionistas ~


Uncle Nickelson Wooster

Fan You, after watching so many different styles of coats, do you have a heartbeat, do you want to grow grass? But there are so many styles and different colors and lengths. How do you choose?

Fan Master’s suggestion,


According to different body characteristics

, Find the right style. Because it is the best one ~

It is understood that the figures of straight men have these 4 categories: thin, slightly fat, inverted triangle muscles, and well -proportioned perfect figures.

Today, the main thing Fan is talking about the first three figures, because of course, the perfect figure will not be wrong if you wear it ~



1. Thin and thin


Maybe some people are born with small skeletons, slender and thin figures.


The prominent feature of this figure is: straight shoulders, straight waist and hips, narrow shoulders are width of the waist and hips.

Looks thin, what coats to choose? In order to avoid aggravating the image of “the wind falls down”, we must choose to make yourself look more strong and powerful.

Let the upper body look more weight




The coat selection details with rich details

,for example


Pocket, shoulder chapter, buckle, lapel, horn buckle, hat


The details of the details are good. Use the accessories of clothes to add the thickness of the coat, and you will look “plump” three -dimensional.

British actor Eddie Redmayn (where is the magic animal is “↑) is thin and thin. He will use his coat to modify his body that is not healthy.


Such as leisure


Horn buckle coat

(Duffle Coat), thick woolen fabrics, hats, horn buttons, and large pocket decorations on both sides of the clothes, all make the coat look more three -dimensional and modify his thin figure.

PS: You can use a scarf to create a sense of layering


There are also long -length Burberry coats, stiff fabrics and double -breasted design, making Eddie look more stylish.

Or the thick and heavy fabric can also “support”. Such as hairy, or stitching models. If you add the most popular plaid, stripes, printing and other texture elements this year, you will also add points to the texture of the coat, which will have a visually expanding effect.

PS: Don’t tie all the buttons, unlock one or two or open wear

Therefore, in total, suitable for thin men:

Duffle coat, horn deduction

Hat+horn buckle+big pocket on both sides of the coat.




Coarse woolen coat

Double -breasted woolen coat+8 flat buttons, dark blue or black, length and hips, sleeves slightly longer to the wrist.

2. The slightly fat type


The contrary to thin and thin is a slightly fat body. A good appetite, unwilling to exercise, and sedentary accumulation, the body gradually becomes round and rich.

The more prominent feature is the round shoulder, full and prominent waist and abdomen.


This kind of blessed figure is also annoying (the face value of the little plum is pulled to the lowest point by the hard face).

注 Pay attention when choosing a coat


Strive fabric and structure tailoring

This can create neat lines for the body without lines.

Cover the flesh and prevent you from seeing it ~

Be sure to avoid wearing horizontal stripes and coarse grids. In addition, in the choice of color, choose the most secure of the dark color. After all, everyone knows that black is thin ~

For example, the little plum after the blessing will be modified with the middle and long models. The vertical version without many details is most suitable for him. Single buckle+pocket+collar is enough.

But when you go out, remember to tie the button, otherwise the small belly that is accidentally exposed will directly bet on you (¬_¬) aim


To choose a simple coat, you can consider ↓

Cheersterfield coat,

Chest coat

Long and thick coats, short collars, mainly navy blue, black, and deep gray.


In addition, if you need to attend a formal occasion, you can also choose Chesterfield Coat because it is almost the most formal coat type.

PS: Do not expose the sweater or shirt as soon as you take it off. The Chest coat is worn outside the dress or suit. When you go out, wear it to keep it warm.





Love sports, love fitness, muscles, and powerful BOY saying is you ~


Body characteristics: wide and developed pectoral muscles, proportioned waist and abdomen, narrow crotch, similar to the inverted triangle.

It took a lot of time to go to the gym to practice thick pectoral muscles and arms. Although it is an envious figure that many straight men, you can be careful when you wear it to avoid the illusion of the first triangle.


肩 Simplify the decoration of the coat on the back of the shoulder, you can


Choose a V -neck coat


Learn from Schwarzenegger to use different shades to enhance V vision

Avoid wearing those styles that make them look uneven up and down, such as those with hats and shoulder stones.

The slightly opened coat hem will make Starton’s body slender and uniform ~

A strong muscular man can choose a relatively large style, because you can “stand up” coats ↓

★ PoLo Coat, Police Coat

The classic Polo Coat is a clothing that British ball players are waiting for warm -up before playing. Focusing on earth color, there is a little casual atmosphere.

It has two styles, one is a lace -up model like a bathrobe; the other is the backlifting collar and peaceful refutation. There are large pockets on the coat of the coat.

For the inverted triangle shape, big pockets can move the “weight” of the upper body.

——— Recommended a division line for grass ———–



Speaking of coats, the first thing to say is “British Royal Royal”, British luxury brand Burberry. Burberry with a strong British style. In addition to the trench coat known to the world, the coat series is also made of water ~

As a “professionals”, Burberry has various types of coats, from horn buckle coats to Chest coats.


There are also many choices of plaid and color. It can be said that in Burberry, it can definitely pick up the style that suits you ~



Belstaff is a brand founded by British designer Harry Grosberg in 1924.


The iconic Milford coat wearing Sherlock in the play is made of pure Irish wool. The hem is wide, suitable for men with high figure ~


The double -breasted short coat, known as the naval coat, is clean and neat. Schott, the American brand is mainly naval coats.

Its most famous short woolen coat number is 740. This 740 coat also later became a classic of the era.


Ralph lauren

The American clothing brand of the same name founded in 1968. The POLO shirt that everyone knows is a men’s clothing series of Ralph Lauren.

The coat style Polo Coat mentioned earlier, you can also find it in Ralph Lauren, which is also the one that designer himself likes.


Of course, there are many coat brands and styles, and designers will continue to push out the new ~

To Fan Fan, take action right away, look at more and try, and then find out the style that is best for you.

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