Zhou Weitong appeared at the airport.


When it comes to Zhou Weitong, many people will feel that this name is familiar, and may have seen her work. Zhou Weitong debuted very early. He once co -starred with Ma Su in the youth idol drama “Spring in Summer” and starred in the female No. 2. No The young audience not only remembered Masu, but also was attracted by Zhou Weitong’s temperament. Zhou Weitong also has the reputation of “otaku male and female goddess”. He is well known to Liu Yan because he has a high figure and face value, but Zhou Weitong has no fire. Zhou Weitong appeared at the airport.


Zhou Weitong is wearing a red cape coat. This coat has a red checkered pattern. The red and black plaids are dislocated and distributed to make the coat more temperament and more fashionable. It is very artistic, and it looks not monotonous and not tacky. The plaid can produce different changes. The plaid on Zhou Weitong’s coat adds rich design elements. This will make the color of the coat more layered and more trendy

Zhou Weitong’s coat is also stitched with fur, black leather lines on the sleeves, and the cuffs with stitching lambskin hair edges. The addition of fur makes this cape look more fashionable, cute, and gentle and generous style more attractive. force

Zhou Weitong’s cloak coat looks chic at the atmosphere, fitting on top, and the loose style below looks very individual. Zhou Weitong is equipped with an orange sweater in the red plaid coat. Orange is a very eye -catching color that can increase the sense of girly, showing a lively and cute temperament, and from the sleeve Very slim, slim sweaters will fit the body more, so that it can improve the warmth effect, and it will not look sloppy and bloated.


The shape of Zhou Weitong’s lower body is also very individual. Zhou Weitong is wearing a pair of black jeans. Black jeans are narrow -leg pants. Narrow -leg pants are more slim and can naturally show the leg shape. Such pants are cleaned and clean.


Zhou Weitong also wore a pair of long socks. The red and black striped long socks wearing a girlishness and personality charm. Red stockings increased the warm drying of the shape, which looked warm and fashionable, and the combination of red and black It is consistent with the color characteristics of the overall shape. It looks more comfortable and harmonious, and the shape makes people feel eye -catching and comfortable. Zhou Weitong’s shoes are a pair of Martin boots. The matching of Martin boots makes the shape more clean. From shoes to socks, to pants, the shape of the shape is very strong, but it is not bloated at all. very good

Zhou Weitong’s 175cm model is height and has obvious advantages in the crowd. Compared with the people around him, Zhou Weitong’s height is too outstanding. Moreover, Zhou Weitong wore a water hand hat. The matching of this hat also increased the aura on his body, making the shape look more attractive. The sailor hat is a hat that is similar to a military hat. It looks full of personality and generous. The bright hat can make the shape more eye -catching. The shape with a hat is often cleaner and neat, but the simple design shows different charm


She once gave Masu a supporting role, but she was still fierce with Liu Yan. Now the decree is so deep that she can’t recognize it. Zhou Weitong, who was not nearly 40 years old, was really old, and the decree on his face was very deep. From this perspective, he could hardly recognize that this was Zhou Weitong who appeared in idol dramas that year. However, Zhou Weitong still exudes a unique charm. I believe that Zhou Weitong’s development will become better and better.