How much is a pound of a pound of red heart?


Bruce has begun to mature. Although there are red and white and yellow, the market is the most common in red and white fruit, and women generally prefer red -hearted guava. So, how much is a pound of a Baka? How much is a pound of red heart Bale?

The guava is called “guava” in Taiwan. In recent years, many excellent departments have been selected through the actual selection, and it has now become one of the important economic fruit trees in Taiwan. So

How much is a pound in Baka

? How much is a pound of red heart guava?

See which one is more expensive, it takes about 10 yuan.

How much is the pound of red heart guava:

20, specifically depending on the price of the area.

芭乐多少钱一斤 红心芭乐多少钱一斤

Baixin Bale is good or red -hearted guava is good

Red Bato Dingxin has a strong flavor and can stimulate the taste. White is as sweet as sugar, and Ding Xin tastes light.

Red guava is more expensive.

How to choose red heart guava:

Red -hearted guava summer fruit is soft, fruit is large, the yield is large, the red -hearted guava output in autumn and winter is small, the fruit is small, and it is harder. Now it is the most time to eat. quick.

In addition to eating raw, red -hearted guava can also be processed as ice cream, branches, jelly, jelly, steamed buns, guava, guava tea, guava juice, etc. The red -hearted guava flavor is rich, the flavor is good, and the red heart guava Lele It contains vitamin C and toxide, and its antioxidant capacity is 10 times that of vitamin E.

Choosing a red heart guava, from the perspective of appearance, the peel from green to yellow and slightly red spots belongs to the choice.

The difference between Hongxin and Baixin Bara:

Because Red Heart Barris contains a large amount of healthy compounds, such as flavonoids, trioma, polyphenols, and so on. Therefore, Red Heart Belle will have a strong taste. For those who love this taste, this is delicious, but for those who do not adapt to this taste, this taste becomes unbearable, just like different people face the love and hatred of durian. In order to make Bala’s tastes suitable for more people, through repeated breeding and cultivation, Baixin Bara, which tastes less “rushing”, was cultivated.

芭乐多少钱一斤 红心芭乐多少钱一斤

Bruce is a kind of fruit that is not easy to store. Since it is a special ingredient for health, how to make consumers not “break” throughout the year? Processing red heart guava fruit into a health drink-red heart Bale tea, then then Solved the above two problems. When drinking red -hearted guava tea, because a large amount of water is diluted and a fruit is realized many times in a day, the taste is naturally not “rushing”, but as long as you drink enough every day, you can also consume enough intake of sufficient intake. Health composition.

Because the red heart guava is a native and wild primitive variety, the output is low, and because everyone has no sufficient understanding of its health effects in the past few years, the entire industry is extremely atrophic. When conducted a field survey for the Red Heart Berole at the end of 2014, the planting area of ​​the country’s continuous films did not exceed 100 acres. This is the name of many Bala tea sold on the market now, under the name of “red heart”, which is actually the reason for Baixin Barr. Of course, if the conditions permit, you still eat fresh red heart guava as much as possible. In fact, for those who love their taste, red -hearted guava is very delicious. If you think about how many people are obsessed with durian, you can know that the Red Heart Barler will not know if it will not It will make people love!

How much is a pound in Baka