Why do “wide -leg pants” have been on fire for so many years? Look at its level of dressing, how happy this is


In the blink of an eye, it was in the sunny spring. Throw away the heavy clothing items in autumn and winter. The fairy’s wardrobe began to put on new spring costumes. Today, I recommend wide -leg pants for everyone. I have to say that wide -leg pants are in The fashion circle has been on fire for many years. As a versatile item, it looks good. It is better to look at its level of dressing today.

The introduction of the wide -leg pants section today is mainly divided into how to choose the matching demonstration of wide -leg pants and wide -leg pants. Wide pants of different materials and different lengths can be matched with different effects, so the fairy needs to choose the one that suits them according to their own needs. One.

Plate 1: How to choose wide -leg pants

How to choose the wide -leg pants that suits you, everyone’s body is different,

The H -shaped body is thin and no curve.

Use clothing to optimize their own figure characteristics, Xiaobian suggested that you need to choose from length, material and pants. Take a look at the following!

1. Look at the length

● Little girl

Small girls do not have to follow the waves when choosing wide -leg pants, and wide -leg pants with too long length can easily suppress height.

, Without the effect of significant high, it is recommended to choose the length of the cropped pants.


If the length is slightly longer, you can simply pull it a few times, or wear a double -soled shoes, and cover the shoe with a little pants leg

Success to achieve the effect of invisible increase, high waist is the best version recommendation, even small children can have a perfect figure.

● Tall children

For tall children, no matter what the length of the pants can be controlled,

However, if there is no perfect figure, don’t try cropped pants easily. Wide -leg pants are easy to show short legs, lack of calf lines, and small pants are easy to expose the small shortcomings of the figure.

Simple straight pants type is easy. The version cut is best to be more generous to achieve the visual effect of showing the length of the legs.

2. Look at the material

The material can give different textures of wide -leg pants, such as denim, trousers, or hair. Different fabrics will be matched with different styles of Look.

● Cotton and linen fabric

The recommended first wide -leg pants belong to the cotton and linen fabric,

Cotton and linen are comfortable and soft without losing the texture. The sharp line enhances the high -level sense of look, but the cotton and linen fabrics are prone to folds, so you need to pay attention to some small details when you wear it.

The white almond color is refreshing, it is easy to match, and it is a bit light mature


● West trousers fabric

The recommended second wide -leg pants are the fabric of trousers, which not only has a drooping texture, but also solves the problem of folds of cotton and linen fabrics.

With a double canvas shoes with a little lazy and casual fan, girls with pear -shaped figure must try the wide -leg pants of trousers fabrics, and they look thinner.

Full effect!


● Watching pants width


The width of wide -leg pants is also the main point of choice

, Width of pants refers to the size of the trousers.

, Full with a double high heels, but remember to create a coordinated body proportion, the matching wide -leg pants belong to the loose version

Then the upper body items need to be slim, such as a shirt suspender.

Plate 2: What do you take for wide -leg pants


How to use wide -leg pants to look good, I recommend it from the three aspects: the top, the lower and shoes, and the fairies come to see it.

1. Choose a shirt

Recommended 1: Red square collar shirt

The wide -leg pants selected by look with look are simple styles. Black basic models are easy to wear, and the nine -point pants are long and double -boots.

In order to break the dull and monotonous color matching, the upper body selects a red knitwear. The right red color is full of fair skin, and the square neckline exposes collarbone and neck lines

It ’s a little more lazy and feminine. Loose sleeves can cover my arms and worship the meat. The overall looks French style.

Recommended 2: Army green windbreaker


The pattern of the square pants wide -leg pants is printed, the retro port fan is full, the gray -brown color is not picky, and the earth color can be salty and sweet, straight pants type legs long legs, double Chelsea boots super super There is a fan.

In addition to choosing black and gray basic boots, you can also choose military green, unique and individual

The trench coat selected by the upper body is similar to the overall style. It is the same color as Chelsea boots.

2. Choose shoes

Recommended 1: Sports shoes (casual wind)

Recommended 2: High heels (workplace style)

How to choose suitable shoes with wide -leg pants look, you need to look at the style of pants,

For example, denim is casual and comfortable. Sweet shoes with canvas shoes are OK. West pants with high heels are essential in the workplace beauty. With sneakers, it will be another feeling.

, This look is the foundation, and it can be easily controlled by wearing Xiaobai.

The combination of black trousers and white sneakers is a classic combination of the fashion industry

It is recommended to choose a thick bottom with the choice, and the comfort and value can be owned.


Today’s wide -leg pants have been introduced, the little fairy can try it, whether it is a slightly fat girl or a small girl, you can successfully wear his own style style.