Is it worth the SLR camera in 2022?


“Teacher! My budget is 10,000 yuan, is there any SLR camera now worth recommending?”

If you are in the WeChat group of photography, there will be such problems from time to time. After the micro -single camera has become the main market for sales, the SLR camera is like a vertical old man, and it seems that it will completely disappear one day.

都要2022年了 单反相机还值得购买吗?

So, it ’s time for 2022. Today’ s micro -single camera is worth buying? I believe this problem is also a problem that plagues many users who want to start with cameras.

In 2003, Canon released the first digital SLR camera EOS 300D within 10,000 yuan. Since then, the digital SLR camera is no longer a high -top product. It has begun to enter the home of ordinary people and let many people fall in love with photography. In 2005, Canon launched the EOS 5D, bringing the full -frame SLR camera to professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. Since then, the full -frame has also become an indicator of a SLR camera.

In 2008, Panasonic released the first micro -single camera G1, equipped with the M4/3 system, the fuselage is very small, and it can replace the lens. After that, Sony launched the NEX 5 micro-single camera using APS-C format. The fuselage is more compact and portable. It has also become one of the popular cameras in the market. In 2013, Sony released the full -frame micro -single camera A7 and A7R, which officially brought the micro -single camera into the era of the full format, and also opened the prelude to the competition between the micro -single camera and the SLR camera.

都要2022年了 单反相机还值得购买吗?

SLR and micro -single structure comparison

The reason why the SLR camera is called “SLR” is because there is a tilted plane reflector inside the camera. When the scene is shot, the reflector falls from the light entered from the lens to the pentopoly. When shooting, the reflector lifts up, and the light enters directly from the lens to the image sensor.

Therefore, the SLR camera requires a complex mechanical structure movement when shooting, which also limits the shutter speed and continuous shooting speed of SLR. Therefore, the SLR shutter speed is up to 1/8000 seconds, and the maximum continuous shooting speed is 16 pieces per second.

Micro -single camera (also known as a counter -camera) completely eliminates the structure of the inner reflector and prism in the single camera. Behind the lens is the image sensor.

Because there is no traditional pentopoly structure, micro -single cameras use LCD screens or electronic viewfinder to shoot. At the same time, micro -single cameras can also be done lighter, and the upper limit of the shutter speed and continuous shooting speed is higher. Ordinary micro -single can reach ten in one second, and the flagship micro -single continuous shooting speed is as high as 30 photos/second (electronic shutter).

After years of technical iteration and development, today’s micro -single camera configuration is very powerful. For example, Canon EOS R5, this full -frame micro camera has 45 million pixels, supports up to 8K video shooting, and the continuous shooting speed is as high as 20 photos/s. Full pixel dual -core focusing technology supports human eye and animal eye recognition (bird eye recognition). The anti -shake of the fuselage can also be linked to the lens image stabilization to achieve the highest level 8 of the 8th level. Cannon EOS R5 has surpassed SLR cameras on the market whether it is the overall configuration and function of the camera.

· Elected models are richer

As the micro -single camera becomes the mainstream in the camera market, although the SLR camera is still selling, SLR has certain advantages in model selection and price.

Digital SLR cameras have developed for many years and have formed three high, middle and low product lines, which correspond to different market requirements. Especially in the mid -end and entry -level product line, it has a lot of attention and user base. For example, Canon EOS 200D II Unit and Nikon D5600 two entry -level kit are examples. The price of about 5,000 has a very good sales. For many just contacting photography or female users, the Canon EOS 200D II is light and portable. , Also fully meet their needs.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

· Rich lens group

From the film era to the digital age, the SLR camera has gone through decades, and the lens resources of the SLR camera are very rich. Although the lens group of the micro -single camera has gradually expanded in recent years, it has become rich, but there is still a big gap compared with the SLR camera. This is why the micro single is transferred to the SLR lens by turning the loop.

In addition to the original lens of major brands, there are a large number of sub -shots and classic old lenses that can be used.

In short, there are dozens of shots behind Canon and Nikon SLR.

都要2022年了 单反相机还值得购买吗?

· Endurance

In the SLR era, the battery life of the camera has never been concerned by photographers and enthusiasts. Even the entry-level SLR has 400-600 battery life, while the mid-to-high-end SLR camera can reach 800. Can reach more than 1,000 battery life.

Micro -single cameras are filled with LCD, EVF electronic viewfinder and sensors. These are large battery consumption. Therefore, even if most of the micro -single cameras are filmed at a full power state, there are about 300 shooting battery life. Although the new micro single is optimized for battery capacity and energy consumption optimization, there is still a gap between the battery life and SLR ratio.

都要2022年了 单反相机还值得购买吗?

· Are SLRs worth buying now?

At present, there are three brands selling SLRs in the market, namely Canon, Nikon and Ricoh Pin Gen. Needless to say, Canon and Nikon are the very niche brands in the market, which can be ignored.

Canon EOS R5

From the perspective of the current product layout, the R & D center of Canon and Nikon has shifted from SLR to micro -single, but this does not mean that Canon and Nikon will put on hold or abandon their own SLR product line in a short time. With a huge user group, at least in the next three to five years, Canon and Nikon will also launch entry -level products from time to time to face photography beginners, and they will also upgrade full -frame cameras to meet the needs of old users. After all, the resources of the SLR lens are very large, and there are many space spaces to play.

都要2022年了 单反相机还值得购买吗?

Such as flagship -level products, such as Canon’s EOS 5D series, EOS 1D series, Nikon’s D6 SLR cameras, maybe there will really be the next generation of products. After all, the micro -single camera has enough shooting capabilities and standards that are equivalent to these flagships or sub -flagship cameras. At present, Canon’s EOS R3, Sony A1 and Nikon Z9 have already fully surpassed the flagship SLR in terms of high -speed photography, and such as Canon EOS R5, Nikon Z7 II, etc., have very high picture quality performance, and have become Canon and Nikon’s of Nikon and Nikon. The header micro single camera.

Is it outdated to buy SLR now? I still take it as needed.

If you are a photographer, it is not sensitive to the volume of the camera, and it is mainly based on static photos, then many cost -effective SLR cameras on the market are worth considering. Whether it is entry -level or full -frame, it can be considered. In addition, the lens resources of the SLR camera are richer and backing, which can provide guarantee for use.

都要2022年了 单反相机还值得购买吗?

In addition, digital products such as cameras, compared with mobile phones, etc., the speed of updating is not fast. A camera with mainstream performance now can still be played after 5 or 6 years, and it is completely fine.

For old users of digital SLR cameras, there is no need to worry about how to upgrade equipment in the future. In addition to the launch of the new SLRs from Canon and Nikon, even if you buy micro -single cameras, you can continue to use the SLR lens through the method of transfer.

都要2022年了 单反相机还值得购买吗?

Will SLR be replaced by micro -single?

Will SLR be replaced by micro -single? The answer is yes.

When a friend once evaluated the SLR camera and micro -single camera, he said: The reincarnation of image technology is about 15 years, and the technology of digital SLR has reached the limit. In the future, it should be the world of micro -single.

都要2022年了 单反相机还值得购买吗?

You don’t have to worry about seeing this result. After all, after the micro -single camera canceled the mechanical structure of the past SLR camera, the volume was lighter, and some entry products even exerted portability to the extreme. In terms of lenses and accessories, in the past two years, manufacturers have been vigorously developing and insufficient, so that the performance of micro -single cameras has gradually surpassed the SLR, so in the future, SLRE has become the past and becomes a product in history.

都要2022年了 单反相机还值得购买吗?


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV