The honey grapefruit tea that is out of the pan in 10 minutes is fresh and refreshing


I bought Liang Pingyou and bought it wrong. Hey, in fact, I accidentally ordered the wrong. I bought it back with a red pomelo. I ate a slight hemp. The meat was sour. I waste can only make grapefruit tea


BY Xiaoqing Mandarin XIXI


1 grapefruit


Honey 100g

100g of rock sugar

30g of sea salt

1 spoon salt

A moderate amount of water

Practice step


1. Grapefruit first uses sea salt (coarse salt) to clean the surface friction (so that the skin will be clean), and then wash it with water. It’s about (this step is more time, the skin is not easy to do, a little white can not be required, it is very technical), the grapefruit skin is processed first, and the processed grapefruit skin is soaked with boiling water and soaked with a spoon of salt for 2 hours (personally likes it. Cut the short silk, the taste is okay in the later period, it feels not delicious when it grows) ☞ These 2 hours to deal with grapefruit meat, and also peel and go (grapefruit can go to the head and tail, stop the waist and cut off, and the back is very good. Open, the flesh is also cleaned up with any white meridians)

2. After handling the grapefruit meat and silk, add the non -stick pan, add rock sugar, slowly boil in medium and small heat, and the moisture of the flesh when the rock sugar is turned out. The pulp ball is very easy to spread, and after the flesh is dispersed, turn to medium heat and continue cooking

3. After 20 minutes, the flesh and peel become soft and rotten. Continue to cook slowly. The water will slowly boil. Finally, turn it into grapefruit jam. At this time, turn it off and dry it. After two days of refrigerating the tank refrigerator, eat honey liquid at home. After the jam is cooled, the hand feels cold and add honey and stir well. Honey nutrition is lost, so the temperature should be low, the honey can be melted back to the temperature, and the stir can be stirred evenly.

4 or 2 days later, just drink the grapefruit tea you bought outside. It is best to be warm water. Don’t be too hot. At this time, the flesh is sweet and sweet.

The nutritional effect of grapefruit

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that grapefruit is cold and sweet, sour, and has the medical effect of relieving cough and asthma, clearing heat and removing phlegm, strengthening the spleen, eliminating food, and relieving annoyance. It has the functions of rational qi and phlegm, strengthening the spleen, eliminating food, and dispersing cold and dampness; grapefruit is the seeds of grapefruit, including rosette, cypressycopysis, acetyl crickets, etc., and also contain fat oil, inorganic salt, protein, crude fiber, etc. Essence The effect is similar to the orange nucleus, and the hernias are used; grapefruit leaves, including wave oil, have anti -inflammatory, analgesic, dampness and other effects.

1. Promote wound healing

It has the effects of strengthening the stomach, moisturizing the lungs, nourishing blood, clearing the intestines, and profit, which can promote wound healing and have good auxiliary effects on defeat diseases.

2. Reduce blood viscosity and lower blood sugar

It can reduce the viscosity of blood and reduce the formation of thrombosis, so it also has a good prevention effect on cerebrovascular diseases, such as cerebral thrombosis and stroke. Fresh grapefruit is an ideal food for patients with diabetic because of components similar to insulin.

3. Cancer prevention and stroke

If you have cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly, eating grapefruit often helps prevent stroke. Grapefruit contains a large amount of vitamin C and calcium, which helps prevent the occurrence of bowel cancer and gastric cancer.

4. Helping digestion


The effects of qi and phlegm, moisturize the lungs, and clean the blood, nourish the spleen and spleen, can cure less food, lighter mouth, indigestion and other symptoms, and can help digestion, eliminate phlegm and quench thirst, and regulate qi.

5. Promote the growth and development of the fetus

Grapefruit also has the effect of enhancing physical fitness. It helps the body easier to absorb calcium and iron. The natural folic acid contained in it. For women in pregnancy, it has the effect of preventing the occurrence of anemia and promoting fetal development.

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