FR-4 Fiber Fiber Board Star Wheel Production Moisturizing Processing Center becomes a trend



FR-4 Fiber Fiber Board Star Wheel Machining Machining Center is high and fast!

The materials of the stars include blue steel, stainless steel, and epoxy boards. The glass fiber plate is also an insulation board, which is also called “glass fiber board” and “epoxy resin board”, referred to as “epoxy board”. The FR-4 glass fiber board galaxy wheel has the advantages of high temperature resistance (180 ~ 200 ° C), moisture resistance, good mechanical performance and dielectric performance. Common colors include white, yellow, black, and water green. The FR-4 glass fiber board travel wheel is also called “polishing” and “polishing pads”. It is a fixture for lens, silicon wafers, hard disks, glass and other plane polishing processes.

FR-4 glass fiber board travel wheel


The characteristic advantage of the raw material epoxy resin used by the FR-4 glass fiber board travel wheel:

1. Then the intensity is good: epoxy resin and amine react, the structure produces a hydroxyl, and has good continuity for other materials.

2. Very good mechanical properties: epoxy resin itself has good internal agglomeration, and mechanical strength is better than ordinary resin.

3. Good processing performance: no volatile substances are generated during hardening, suitable for different processing conditions.

4. Low hardening contraction rate: 1 ~ 2%of the contraction rate, the smallest in thermosetry plastic.

5. High chemical stability: can tolerate the corrosion of multiple acids, pupa, salt and other materials.

6. Good electrical performance: volume resistance is about 1015ohm-cm or more.


7, good thermal resistance: solidification of heat resistance 100 ° C, special heat -resistant level resin can resist heat to above 200 ° C.

Polish wheel travex

FR-4 glass fiber board stars and wheel work principles:

The method of using mechanical and chemical reactions to process the objects, making the original rough surface smooth. When our FR-4 glass fiber board travels is running at a high speed, the surface of the product that needs to be polished will generate rolling and trace cutting force, so that the bump will slowly level and become very smooth.

FR-4 glass fiber board travel chakra processing method:

1. The early FR-4 glass fiber board gallery wheel was made of mold pressure. Because there is no need for polishing workpieces, it is chosen to be staminated.

However, the star wheel produced by this method has a rough texture and a high scrap rate.

HASSFULL-MF1325-FR-4 Bolf Fiber Board Star Wheel Machining Center

2. With the continuous innovation of technology, the FR-4 glass fiber board travel wheel can be processed with insulation parts processing center. The insulation processing center has high accuracy (within 0.02mm), smooth edges, no burrs, no processing, no processing Traces and other advantages. We only need to convert the drawings into the encoding into the computer to achieve automatic processing, high efficiency, accurate size, and non -deviation. HasSFULL is available

MF1325 Engineering Plastic Processing Center

, The size of the countertop is 1300 × 2500mm; the vacuum table, two -purpose suction clamping; the servo disc knife library, the sword changing speed for 3 seconds; high -speed, highlights, and high -precision processing can be achieved.