Will the aging and degradation of the silicone panel pads have been used for a long time?


Silicone panel pad

As the name suggests, it is used to knead the noodles. This panel made of silica glue is soft, anti -aging, easy to clean, and easy to clean. It is loved by cooking enthusiasts. However, some people still have some uneasy, worrying that the safety of chemical materials such as silicone, especially after a long time of use, they are more worried that the object will exude toxic substances.

The silicone panel itself is not toxic, and it will not occur for a long time without deformation aging. The silicone panel pad is made of food -grade silicone. The chemical composition is not toxic substances or gases in the daily use process. Even if it is often in a high -temperature environment, it can be used normally and has a long service life.

Silicone pads are glass fiber coating silicone, which can be 260 degrees. It can be used for several years. The molding effect is good. It can be cleaned with dishwasher easily. The price will be more expensive than oil. Size, shape, pastry formula, etc. It is convenient to bake. Food -grade silicone cushion surface non -slip, which can be used from kneading to baking

Silicone pad

There will be no folding on repeated kneading. The disadvantage is to avoid sharp knives as much as possible.


Although the dietary habits of friends in the south are not the same as those in the north, they are mainly pasta, and they are often used often, but occasionally you can make some small biscuits and small cakes. If you are folded and put it out, you need to take it out.

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