What kind of down jackets are wearing in the southern winter? These 10 old domestic products, do not lose the north of the big goose of “bad street”


Due to regional differences, the standards for choosing down jackets in the winter of the north and south are different. Relatively speaking, there is no cold in the north in the south, so the chosen down jackets do not need to see the warmth too much, and they can consider their styles more.

Measure the warmth of a down jacket, mainly depending on it

Change volume, velvet content




These three aspects.

Generally speaking,

The down jacket worn in the southern winter, the charging volume reaches 100g, the fluffyness of 400-600 is enough to keep warm


As for choosing duck down or goose down, the key depends on its own consumption level.

Canadian goose, Mengkou, and north are all very warm down jackets. For friends in the south, there is no need to buy such a “bad street” brand.

In contrast,


Based on the conditions of all aspects of domestic down jackets, it is enough to meet the warmth needs of the southern winter.



01, Boshima Triven down jacket

Bosideng launched the world’s first “windbreaker down jacket” series this year, combined with east and west fashion aesthetics, and it is also very good in configuration.


100g of fleece, 90%goose down, 800 fluffy

It can be said that it is a high -value down jacket that takes into account temperature and demeanor. The price in his early three thousand is also considered conscience. It is very decent and atmospheric, especially suitable for Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.


02, duck

Duck -duck down jackets are mainly cost -effective,

The price of 100 yuan is very close to the people, 100-150G charging volume and 90%duck down. Although the configuration is not high, it can also meet the warm demand in the southern region

Essence In terms of style design, it also got rid of the previous earth smell. In addition to the classic versatile solid color system, there are also gradient snow mountain prints that conform to the aesthetics of young people. The choice of space is quite large.

03. Black Ice

Domestic black ice down jackets are completely delayed by “propaganda”. In fact, no matter from the perspective of configuration, fashion or cost -effectiveness, it is not inferior to Bosideng, which is not well -known.

The price of seven or eight hundred, with a high configuration of 150g of fleece, 95 & & goose down and 800 fluffy

And the version design is also very trendy, it is a pity not to wear it.

04, Yalu

The biggest feature of Yalu down jacket is that the style is relatively rich,


In addition to middle -aged and older models, there are also young people’s favorite bread clothes, Parker down jackets and other styles

, Meet the needs of more people. When it is cold, you can choose its duck down jacket. There are also goose velvet styles that are not frozen. They are all hundreds of dollars. The price is extremely high.

05. Snowfield flying

Xuezhongfei is a brand of Bosideng. It has always met the aesthetic needs of the 18-35-year-old people with young positioning. It integrates fashion and leisure elements in product design and gets rid of the rigid and dullness of conventional down jackets.

Although the duck pill filling is used, the 200G charging volume and high fluffyness, which is warm enough to warm enough in the south

06, Tianshi

Tianshi is also one of the buried domestic down jacket brands.


In terms of configuration, it is not worse than international brands such as Big Goose and Mengkou. The 250G charging volume, 90%goose down and high fluffy have reached the standard of a high -quality down jacket

In terms of price, it is also around 1,000 yuan. If you choose between it and Bosideng, I believe that many people may not choose Bosideng.

07. Ou Ni Lai

“Fire in the country abroad” is exactly the Ouonai

Essence When they are lined up in the country to buy Canadian goose, Americans are dressed in an Opalai, which is only one -eighth of the big goose. Its style design does not have a sense of rustic sense. People, keep warm and versatile.

08, red beans

One to say, although the design of the red bean down jacket is a bit “earth wind”, but its overall

Positioning in middle -aged men

I personally think that it is quite in line with the aesthetics of men in this age, and in addition to the basic models, there are also workers and Parker down jackets to choose from. It is not bloated to wear, and it can also meet the demand for warmth.




The influence of Qianzhanggang in the domestic down jacket industry is still quite great. Individuals also prefer its down jackets. There is no traditional down jacket. It is recommended to the little fairy who wants to take into account the temperature and fashion.

10. Ailai

Mainly female down jackets, positioning young fashion, students or office workers can easily control. The down jacket is dominated by duck down, and the color matching is not limited to black and white gray. It uses bright and beautiful color colors to create a warm winter fashion shape, which looks high -level.

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