Ofo Black Technology becomes reality: the world’s first “IoT Smart Lock” opens commercial


Ofo Black Technology becomes reality: the world’s first “IoT Smart Lock” opens commercial

The wind and surging Internet of Things rivers and lakes finally ushered in a vital step. As the original and leader of the bicycle sharing industry, ofo Xiaohuang Car and China Telecom and Huawei jointly developed the world’s first bicycle-sharing NB-IoT “IoT Smart Lock”, which officially applied to OFO’s small yellow car. It is reported that this is the first commercial use of the NB-IoT Internet of Things technology in mobile scenes. OFO’s innovation in the Internet of Things will allow new technologies to quickly popularize and truly enter the daily mobile internet scenes of massive users. Starting from the essence of the Internet of Things, the shared bicycle platform represented by ofo is the best entry. Points and foundations marked the real era of bicycles in the Internet of Things.


Ofo Xiaolong Car recently announced that ofo and China Telecom and Huawei jointly developed a new generation of intelligent shared bicycle solutions based on the Internet of Things NB-IoT technology. Network technology provides services. It is understood that in this three-party cooperation, ofo is responsible for the development of smart lock equipment, China Telecom is responsible for providing commercial networks for the NB-IoT Internet of Things, and Huawei is responsible for chip services.

Ofo said that NB-IoT’s technical features are in line with the application scenarios of shared bicycles, almost “a natural pair.” It is understood that the NB-IoT has three major characteristics: First, the coverage is wider, and the NB-IoT signal has far more than the existing network. Secondly, more devices can be connected. NB-IoT technology is more than 100 times higher than the traditional mobile communication network connection capacity. It is lower power consumption. The standby time of the NB-IoT device can be used for 2-3 years without the need for the existing battery.

With the innovation of science and technology, mobile communication is from the connection between people and people, and moving towards the connection of people and things, and things, and the interconnection of all things is an inevitable trend. He Xuming, Executive Chairman of the World Internet of Things Conference, positioned the Internet of Things in the “Fourth Revolution of Human”. He believes that humans are about to enter a new era of “smart revolution” represented by the Internet of Things. A global -shared sustainable development of a new economy promotes the healthy development of the Internet of Things industry. “

The Internet of Things allows everything to connect everything, and its core business value is the application expansion of the Internet based on the Internet, and the application innovation with the user experience as the core. In these innovative applications, it is one of the important models for the development of all members of the Internet of Things for the mutual benefit and reciprocal mechanism of the connected “everything” and establish a mechanism for the mutual benefit of all members within the Internet of Things. Some scholars believe that this model, the sharing economy is the best entry point and foundation for the Internet of Things, and the definition of bike sharing and the Internet of Things in the sharing economy -the connection between the property and the material is more in line. Because compared with the current sharing economy forms, shared bicycles are the only trading model that only needs things but does not need people when providing services. Thousands of shared bicycles, OFO Xiaohuang users have accumulated more than 1 billion times, providing travel services for tens of millions of users in 120 cities worldwide.

This time the official opening of the “Internet of Things Smart Lock” to launch the “Internet of Things Smart Lock” is to truly implement the two platform models of the Internet of Things and the sharing economy into real products. In the future, OFO will start with small yellow cars. Connect all resources that can be connected and create an ecological closed loop based on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things as the carrier.

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