New propositions in summer, black short cardigan with black jeans, cool, thin, mature, rhyme, charm


The current young people are very strong to wear their own personality. They have their own ideas and ideas for the selection of models. It has a completely different style in the past few years. For example, people like chiffon skirts, or lace mesh skirts, or jeans in summer to wear in summer. It ’s completely different. Although clothing styles and fabrics are constantly being updated, they now like tight -fitting styles to wear the beauty of the figure. At the same time, they prefer dark colors in color, such as black, blue blue and so on.

I have to say that the current young girls are becoming more and more mature, simplified, fashionable, and personalized. It completely abandoned the style of people’s pursuit of fashion before, and it appeared in the vitality and personality of young people. Today, let’s talk about how to wear jeans in summer. Such a combination is used to the summer shorts or people who are used to the summer, or those who dress, jeans are still the most beautiful and most casual protagonist.


Everyone is wearing jeans, but it is indeed a minority that can be worn out. Jeans must not only choose models, but also match it, so that we can wear a cool feeling in the summer and highlight the beauty of the figure together. Denim pants have a variety of styles, with pencil pants. This kind of pants wear slender legs, tall and beautiful, very suitable for tactical figures, and the thin effect of small -footed jeans slimming is also quite good. Body lines are very suitable for plump or slightly fat, and wide -leg pants are suitable for fat girls. Of course, there are straight pants. This kind of pants are suitable for girls with poor legs. good.

You can see the actual case, just like this young lady’s figure is full, want to wear a thin effect, and at the same time can modify the tall figure proportion. Therefore The short shape wears the slenderness of the waist. I have to say that the short version is very popular in summer, the waist is waist, cool and comfortable, which can better improve the waistline. This black knitted cardigan uses a V -type neckline. This neckline has its own thin effect, which eliminates the beauty of the neck line and enhances the inner temperament. In addition, the fabric uses a semi -hollow design, which is cool and breathable. Against the black companion, it is very beautiful and thin.


The lower body is paired with a black slim jeans. In order to increase the proportion of her figure, the younger sister deliberately selected high -waisted jeans. The middle of the pants waist was embellished with four buckles. It shows a state of turning rolling. This kind of dressing skills are new and fashionable, which increases the fashionable sense of jeans. The version of this jeans has a better modification effect on the thighs and calves, and the beauty is simple and beautiful.

With the matching of jeans, all beauty becomes simple. This is the biggest charm of jeans, which allows you to have fresh and simple beauty in the hot summer. This kind of beauty is casual and fashionable. Wearing high -heeled shoe sandals with the above thick soles, high -heeled sandals have a variety of styles, but different styles can increase the exquisite beauty of the overall matching. At the same time, high heels have the effect of increasing and thinning, beautifying the figure, making it stylish and beautiful. Feel the coolness of the summer.


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