Is Hina flower really “plant dyeing”? Is there any side effects? If you understand these three points, you will know


Hena flowers are indeed plants. They can dye my nails, tattoo, and dye their hair, but they are not dyed in the real sense. Because Hena flowers belong to the color of the package type, that is, the color only stays on the surface of the hair, and does not enter the inside of the hair. It is just wrapped in a hard shell on the hair surface, so it does not belong to the hair dyeing of the industry.


Hena’s hair dyeing her hair is actually controversial. As of now, the state has not approved such products to be listed or used as raw materials. Hair dyeing products that are not approved are illegal products, and their safety cannot be guaranteed.


As early as 2007, the former Ministry of Health in the “Ministry of Health on the Approval of Hair Flowers (Henna Flowers) Can not be used as a hair dye composition”, it is clear that nail flower (Hena flower) shall not be used as a hair dye component. Many cities have indeed issued documents. Please consume rationally. Do not believe that individual illegal enterprises’ false exaggerated publicity.

Related research institutions conducted long -term toxic research on Hena flowers produced in Xinjiang, and found that Hina Hua had certain side effects. Moreover, in the “Technical Specifications for Cosmetics Safety” released by the State Food and Drug Administration in 2015, in a list of hair dyeing agents, Hena powder was not included, so Hena Fan cannot be used as a hair dye.


In Baidu Encyclopedia, there is such a description of Hena flowers:

According to foreign research, the chance of hairdressing people with blood disease and lymphoma is about three times higher than ordinary people. Animal experiments have proved that Hena can induce pregnant women to produce spontaneous abortion. When the dose is large, it will also cause dizziness, poor appetite, weakness, and short memory.

It can be seen that Hena’s hair dye has great side effects. Since there are side effects, why are there so many people like to use Hena flower to dye their hair? There are also many hair care museums who recommend and sell Henna blossoms for customers, and also crowned the name of “plant nourishing”?


This is because many people think that Hena powder is indeed a granules of plant grinding, it must be plant -based. Since the plant is pure natural, and Hena powder adds honey, eggs, etc. when dyeing her hair, etc. Things give people a sense of security.

As a hairdresser, I have also been exposed to customers who have dyed their hair with Hena Hua (powder) to observe their hair is indeed thick and hard, but there are many limitations. Below I will come from the perspective of hairdressing. Talk about some hidden dangers of Hena powder dye.

1. The color of Hena’s hair dyed is only brown. In different hair color, the color dyed is different. The black hair is brown, and the color stained on the yellow hair is brownish yellow, and the color stained on the white hair is orange -red. You can’t choose your favorite hair color, you can only passively accept the color stained by Henna powder. This should also belong to a side effect.

2. Henna powder is a wrapped hair. The color will form a hard shell on the epidermis layer of the hair, showing a gloss and elasticity. However, after multiple use, there will be more and more Hena powder on the hair, and the hair will become thicker and thicker. The side effects are unable to absorb foreign nutrients, and the hair quality becomes crispy and easy to break. People who often use Henna powder dyeing hair have a lot of hair in their hair. These broken hair are formed by broken hair.

3. Because the hair surface is covered with thick Hena powder, if you want to perm or use conventional hair dyeing hair, the success rate is extremely low. Because perm and hair dye cannot enter the hair at all, causing the hair to be hot and not rolled, and the color cannot be dyed. If the side effects are said, this can be regarded as a serious side effect.

As for whether it is toxic, everyone has only seen relevant reports from some news. Some users have said that after using Henna powder to dye hair, there are symptoms such as swelling, itching and swelling. This should be a kind of toxic and side effects. Performance. Hena powder dyeing is only more popular among a niche group. Normal hair dye will not choose this low -end method to dye hair, especially those with white hair. Dyeing a red hair does affect the image.


For personal safety, it is recommended to use qualified hair dye products. Although Hena flower is a plant, although it can be dyed, it is not included in the list of hair dyeing components recognized by the state. Product dye.


The final summary:


① Haina’s hair dyeing does not belong to a regular hair dyeing product, and there is a certain toxic side effect. It is recommended not to use it;

② Frequent use of hair quality to become thick and crispy, and the hair is easy to break from the middle, and there are side effects of wound hair;

③ The side effects of the hair with Hena powder are also manifested in the perm, which is not scoring, and the conventional dyeing is not colorful, and the color is single, which also affects the beauty of the hairstyle.

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