Have you ever dressed in the most popular clothes in Beihai in those years?


[The distance between you and Beihai, only pay attention to this step]

(Foreword: The following content is contributed by netizens cream bread, so the first person is replaced by “bread”)

1. Montejiao T -shirt


Popular age: 1990-1996

Sales price: 680-1000 yuan

Popular crowd: adult men

The French brand Monte Jiao T -shirt, this casual T -shirt called the Aber brand in Hong Kong. In early 1990, countless Beihai men rushed to put on a dream special Jiao T -shirt and walking on the streets and alleys. Make Beihai men pleasing to the eye. On the street, even if you are two young and beautiful, you are not as good as a man wearing a Dream T -shirt, which can attract more enviable eyes.

How popular was the Mengtejiao T -shirt? Young people in Beihai once had a four -character idiom to describe fashion- “wearing a charming guest”. “Jiao” of course refers to Mengtjiao T-shirt, and “Bin” is another well-known brand T-shirt “Bin Nu”, but the price is a lot lower than Monte Jiao, which ranges from about 300-500 yuan.

In 1990, the normal monthly salary of ordinary Beihai people was only about 100 yuan. A Dream T -shirt with a price of thousands of yuan, even if it was replaced today, it was expensive and definitely a luxury. At that time, the men wearing a Dream T -shirt were mainly some well -off -level individual households, or big guys at the level. There are also some young workers who are pursuing fashionable workers. They bite their teeth and tighten their trousers. They also buy a facade.


Mengtejiao T -shirt is scored in color, pure black and dark blue are the most expensive. Generally, it is about 1,000 yuan. The beige and plain white are the most convenient. It can be sold for more than 600 yuan. The dark Monte Jiao T -shirt is also a light -colored Montejiao T -shirt, which is thicker and deep. It is estimated that it is the problem of dye. The reason why Monte Jiao T -shirt is expensive is also a factor of dye. Even if we have been wearing and washing for many years, Monte Jiao T -shirt is as long as new and almost no problem of fading deformation.

Because the genuine product is too expensive, there are a lot of A goods on the market, but it is easy to distinguish. The genuine Monte T -shirt uses a full -handed shell button. The pattern is clear and smooth. Ordinary jackets are still heavy. The lack of texture of the goods A is light, and it is washed a few times, and the A shirt bag will fall to deform. Of course, there is no such phenomenon. In addition, there will be a small hole in the right side of the shirt bag of the genuine Dream T -shirt.

But the most ironic is that the men in Beihai wearing a Dream T -shirt are almost all in the market, or the streets are hacking. Usually, they are mostly left -handed artillery, right -handed cigarette tube, and “Brothers are good! There is a problem”. That pen hole is simply playing the piano and wasting expressions. At that time, the bread had seen someone holding a genuine Dream T -shirt and going to the Zhongshan Road shop to make a return to the shop. It was said that there was a small hole in the shirt bag, making the owner cry and laugh.

The most amazing thing about Monte Jiao T -shirt is said to be able to fire. Even with the burning cigarette butt to twist, the Montejiao T -shirt will not be damaged. This statement has been widely circulated, but the bread has never seen it. There were customers and the owner bet. If the cigarette butt really burned, I immediately bought two, but the owner would never dare to bet. Until today, can Montejiao T -shirt fire fire? For bread, it is still an unsolved mystery.

For the Monkey T -shirt, Beihai men also cherished the addition. Most of them were washed by themselves. They never faked their hands. Even except for bathing and sleeping, they were almost unable to leave. Beihai men call Mengtiao T -shirts “Jiao Tsai”.

Mengtejiao T -shirts also have three benefits, easy to wash, easy to dry, and free to do it. After washing, you can wear it a few times after washing. Therefore, many men are almost worn that day, washing that night, and continued the next day. In summer, in the summer, in winter, 365 days a year, every day is the same Monter Jiao.

In 1996, the unchanged Monte Jiao T -shirt for many years finally made Beihai men feel tired. Monte Jiao T -shirt began to lose its halo, and even became an old -fashioned image. The man on the Beihai Street wearing a Mengcha Jiao T -shirt gradually disappeared. But after all, it is expensive, and it is impossible to abandon such as garbage. Only by being given to relatives and elders is the best choice.


At that time, an old watch also gave two pieces of bread, and the bread immediately turned to his dad, but his dad was not a fuel -saving lamp. He knew that the trend of the three or two and two times was immediately given a country uncle. The uncle likes it very much, because it is breathable and refreshing, and it is easy to wash and dry. The glory of the Mengtejiao T -shirt fell completely since then, and it has also become the Aber brand.

2. Prince West

Popular age: 1991-1994

Sales price: about 80-800 yuan

Popular crowd: Chinese, young and young men

The difference between the double -row button suit and the traditional single -row button suit is to use the symmetrical arrangement of the four or six buttons. There are two types of single buckle and double -buckle. The gun collar design, coupled with a right -angled suit hem, shows a tough and sharp style of lines. At the beginning of 1991, the black suit of the double -row six -button single -fledgedly landed in Zhucheng and quickly became popular. The Beihai people called this new suit as “Prince West”.

The “Prince West” is really known as the name. In fact, most of the row suit members are worn on formal occasions. Ordinary people rarely wear this suit. This classic suit that is famous and full of aristocracy has evolved a variety of different combinations and vulgar wearing methods. Most Beihai men wear princes, most of them wear them, rarely wear a full set, and shirt collar is even more free of talk. Mature men will wear a pair of dark trousers with a anti -collar T -shirt, which is barely counted as a casual taste.

The young people or young and confused are not so particular about it. Leather shoes, sandals, human characters, trousers, jeans, anti -collar or garden collar T -shirts, sweaters, and wrinkled shirts can be used to match Prince West. The young and confused also have a characteristic of the prince West. I like to pinch high shirt sleeves. If the weather is slightly cool, I simply go to the vacuum to show muscles or ribs.

At that time, middle school students in Beihai also liked to wear princes and white shirts very much. Unfortunately, shy in the pocket, you can only patronize the garment market on the second floor of Nanzhu Market, with a minimum of about 80 yuan, you can set up a set. Of course, fabrics, tailoring, and craftsmanship are rotten. But on Zhongshan Road, the better prince West generally costs hundreds of yuan, and the students cannot afford it.

The prince’s row button was more trendy at the time, the button surface was transparent plastic, and the logo was printed with a suit brand in the button. There are also special suit metal buttons on the clothing shop of Zhongshan Road. One of the six small and six small golden bronze suit buttons is the most expensive. It is a small British wire and a large needle with a small tie. The price is as high as 120 yuan Essence Every time I passed, the bread could not help but look at the button, and the button had never been sold.

Early prince Xichengyi, most of the cuffs did not have trademarks, but Beihai people especially liked the trademark on this cuffs. Yili, Ke T, Apple, various brand -name trademarks, the store will sew you immediately.

A friend C Jun, who loves to catch up with, and bread is a standard suit enthusiast. C Jun also went to add a brand -name cuff trademark, and then called the bread to drink on his house, saying that it was boiled with seafood.

It was almost summer, but Jun C was still wearing the counterfeit suit. A pair of cold shorts were really cold, and he was enthusiastic about bread and touched him to drink. But watching the two salted fish on the stage, a plate of sauerkraut red snails, a few thin and small crabs, and the salty and umami truck soup, the bread appetite. C Jun also stretched out his fist and almost had to hand over the tip of the bread nose. He said that he guess two yards. In fact, he wanted to watch the brand trademark on his suit cuffs.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of 1996, J Jun drew a drink and drink. At that time, he was unlimited. He was no longer Wu Xia Amon, but he was still wearing a prince West and jujube red. After the meeting, C Jun dragged the bread and found the restaurant nearby, ordered a few wines, and said that he would have a few yards with the bread. But as soon as I sat down, the buttocks were not hot, and Jun C’s face was mysteriously called the bread to guess the price of his prince West. After guessing the bread several times, he shook his head and said it was wrong. The price -100,000.

In the words of C Jun, this is a suit made of imported “cotton”. The bread does not understand, and explained it carefully that the golden shop is to melt the gold with Shang cotton. C Jun even demonstrated that it was really burned to burn the suit with a lighter. During the drinking, J Jun also said that the prince West will be out of date, and another suit will be popular in Beihai. In fact, this prophecy is very accurate.

A few years later, C Jun went to the country to develop, and the bread never saw him again, but the magical prince of the 100,000 thousands of cowo, the bread never forgotten his life.


3, radish pants

Popular age: 1991-1992

Sales price: 30-120 yuan

Popular crowd: middle school students

Radish pants are named after the trousers, narrow feet, and shaped like radish. At the end of 1991, a dark -purple radish man trousers quietly emerged in middle schools in Beihai. The bread was studying at Beihai No. 1 Middle School that year, and I didn’t care about it, but after a few days, I did morning exercises in the morning and looked at it at a glance that many boys were wearing purple radish pants.

As a middle school student, how can you be out of group and be out of group? I didn’t dare to neglect the bread. I hurriedly asked the sales office. At noon, I immediately went to the second floor of Nanzhu Market with a few students who had not owned purple radish pants at noon. I also remember that the stall owner was a beautiful young woman. The bargaining, the young women met a few students to help together, and finally twisted their buttocks.

At that time, the waist of ordinary trousers was mostly double folds, while purple radish pants were three -fold or four folds, which made the trousers extremely large. If the lower half was cut, it was almost the same as the women’s skirt. Purple radish pants also have a flower name, called “Armani”, the fabric texture is extremely soft. Even if the scallion is adjusted to the highest temperature, it may not be able to scal the straight bone thread. Because the fabric is soft and the feet of the pants are narrow, the naked position will naturally bulge a double -layer bubble, just like the “beaming chicken bubbles” in the Beihai people.

The unique purple radish pants have fascinated the North Sea boys, and even out of control. In the end, the width of the finished radish pants could no longer meet the requirements of boys, and began to make a wide -fold radish pants at the clothing shop. At this time, the radish pants were not stuck in purple, and brown -red, grass -green, beige, and gray blue also began to be accepted and loved by students.

The style of purple radish pants cannot even resist girls. Unfortunately, there are no finished female purple radish pants. Many girls also tailor the tailor trousers, and dark purple is the specified color.

I still remember that summer, at noon in a heavy rain, the bread packed up the schoolbag in the classroom and was ready to go home. In the window, I saw a beautiful girl wearing purple radish pants and white T -shirts in the window. Look at the rain. The bread hurriedly threw the umbrella into the drawer and stepped forward. The bread is wide and the director of the street committee is almost well known. The beautiful girl is happy to chat with the bread chatting with the bread.

We sat in the classroom, talked about the history of the history of the physical and chemical, talked about the garlic of the entertainment industry, and also talked about the purple radish pants we wore, but the girl said that the bread wearing some light -colored blue and beige clothes would look better. The last two ran to the small sales department for lunch.

The bread will never forget the rainy noon. The beautiful girl wearing purple carrot pants is the first time in the bread life, but it was as shy as a jujube that year. , Stomped my chest.

Soon after, the bread was made to make a pair of light blue radish pants, which cost 60 yuan for packaging. This hand -made light blue radish pants are still retained. Of course, with the current waistline of bread, this light blue radish pants can no longer be worn, and you can only keep the bottom of the pad.

Although the purple radish pants are just glory, it has its unique and bright spots, which not only breaks the situation of black trousers dominated the world, but also brought North Sea men’s pants from the black era into a colorful era. For men’s trousers, purple radish pants are an epoch -making clothing revolution, which is of great significance and far -reaching impact. The design of the double belt ears and leaf -free double bags is exquisite and classic. To this day, it still occupies a dominant position and cannot be shaken. It is a global men’s trousers that must be configured and one of the signs of high -end trousers.


4. Women’s summer pajamas

Popular age: 1993-1995

Sales price: about 30 yuan


Popular crowd: big and small women

In the early 1990s, clothing on the market was monotonous. Beihai people including all Chinese people’s clothes, only underwear and coats. It can be said that there is no term and concept of pajamas. In 1993, a summer women’s pajamas made Beihai women more surprise.

This kind of women’s pajamas are mostly non -buttons, sleeveless, collarless, bagless design, half -bucket -shaped trousers, which are treated with the same streaming folds as the neckline and cuffs. Paired with floral or patterns of the same color system, simple and fresh.

Beihai women have infinitely enlarged the function of this pajamas, and have evolved into fashion clothing that can go shopping, buy food, go the door, and take pictures. The happiest is of course the women who have been on the age of age. They can still wear the same fashionable pajamas with the young girls. However, the bread has not seen a woman to work or go to a banquet in this pajamas.


At that time, girls from elementary school and retired women all used this kind of pajamas as fashion and became trend. Women who are walking in the market and walking are almost all kinds of pajamas. Because of no bag, the woman always holds a key or wallet in her hand. The Beihai woman in the beginning of the year seemed to like shopping. Is the business prosperous, or do you want to show a beautiful pajamas? Maybe both.

At that time, this style was not only Beihai, and major cities across the country were staged vigorously. Aesthetic is a woman’s nature. Only when they feel beautiful, they will put on the street. It can be seen that this kind of pajamas are popular with women and let us agree with women in China.

Women’s style of wearing pajamas is still visible from time to time. At that time, a lot of people who attracted a lot of knowledgeable people referred to their hands and feet. They felt naive and superficial. But the bread never thinks so, a good -looking and good -looking woman is already the most beautiful scenery on the street. What kind of clothes are not easy to itch at all. The transparent less cloth women’s clothing, occasionally spring, is even more wonderful.

5. China Anti -China


Popular age: 1997-2013

Sales price: 150-2000 yuan

Popular crowd: juvenile, adult men

Early single -row and double buttons suit, Beihai people are called “big anti”, while single -row three -button suit, because the neckline is relatively small, so it is called “medium and anti -“. The most different part of the China -China and the big anti -countermeasures are the evolution of details. In addition to the cuffs with pleated, the sleeve buttons have more eyes, the dual -opening gas design of the tail is clear, and to the maximum to maintain the style of the suit. Give out a kind of chicness of a fluttering clothes.

At the end of 1997, as friends C Jun said, China Anti -Anti -rising. At that time, the popular Hong Kong TVB classic drama “One Imperial Court IV” played a huge role in helping the flames. Tao Dayu, Wu Qihua, and Ouyang Zhenhua have also risen in popularity. They have to be promoted to four masters’ milk killers with a wireless brother Luo Jialiang.

In the play, the actor’s single -row and three -button suit, built -in bright shirts and collar, collision and harmony of color matching in texture, when the kernels are not allowed to become the most eye -catching focus, this trendy and bold style makes Beihai men appreciate Essence Soon, Zhongdan became the new favorite of Beihai men. Because of this gorgeous transformation, Beihai Village successfully transformed into Beihai gentlemen. Beihai men with bones and dresses in suits, this winter, has a gentle and elegant new side.

Zhongxia changed the clothes mode of the Beihai people only wearing a single West, becoming the mainstream of men’s clothing, and also drove the sales of shirts and collar. It can also be said that Zhongdan completely subverted the traditional concept of Beihai men with white shirts with white shirts. All kinds of bright shirts and collar on the market continued to sell with China and anti -China. Purple -blue shirt+light yellow collar, pure black shirt+silver -white collar, become the best match for never being outdated. Even in today’s latest European and American fashion shows, it is still common.

At present, the traditional suits sold by major shopping malls in Beihai are also mostly anti -China, but they have changed from double opening to a single ventilation and added a variety of Italian -style elements. Compared The rounded shoulder, the narrow waist, and the flattering of the elevation and widening, seemed atmospheric and public.

Although the Zhongdan today is not as popular as that year, it is still the mainstream of traditional suits. Different from Montejiao T -shirts, Prince West, and radish pants, Zhongdan has been popular for 16 years. In the latest 007 movie “The Crisis of the Great Breaking Sky”, Daniel Craig is still a classic single -row three -button suit. It can be seen that Zhongdan has completely prepared the essence of sustainable development and will continue to continue in the suit field field. Inner lead.


In fact, after 2000, there are no more clothing in Beihai to move around and become market hegemon. The fashion has entered a era of thousands of flowers and hundreds of claims. The age.

“For the three generations of officials, we can understand the way of dressing.” Many young people in China have the names of the global luxury brand fashion, but how is the brand name practiced? How to appreciate and distinguish? We have been standing outside the door. First respecting Luo Yi, then respecting people, wearing a hat, wearing a hat is really knowledgeable, or some people don’t care, or some people scoff, but the dressed is beautiful and dignified, and it is definitely an important manifestation of social progress and human civilization.