Gorgeous makeup of a French home


In the Republic of China, celebrity gatherings in the cultural circle are often become a living room. The living room of the Song family living room and the talented daughter Lin Huiyin is the most cultural memory left over from that era.

Qian Zhongshu, Shen Congwen, and Fei Zhengqing are regulars here …


The celebrities gather, naturally there must be a good living room with well -known, no matter how spacious living rooms, there are no good sofas, tables and chairs to match, can only be called space rather than living rooms with life and cultural taste.

The cultural accomplishment and circle of friends of a family owner can often be reflected from the living room -a living room with a soft sofa, the owner must be a lazy and leisurely life; a living room with many chairs, the owner must be a hospitality, the host must be a good guest, Often receiving the Hagi visitors; a living room that specializes in exquisite tea tables, presumably the owner also loves tea arts and likes to divide people.


The living room -the direct manifestation of the personality and cultural accomplishment. Like a business card, at the moment of entering the door, a “character map” passed to your master. A good set of sofas, good tea tables, good makeup in the living room!

The festival, especially the New Year’s Eve, has always been the most important cultural existence in the Chinese thought. Many young people today leave their hometown to work hard to work hard. Perhaps New Year’s Eve is the only time to go home every year. There are different directions of the train, but they have the same end point- “home”.


On New Year’s Eve, the parents or wives are always full of a table of Shengfeng New Year’s Eve dinner.

At this moment, it has accumulated a full year of tenderness. How can there be no good restaurant to match?


A high -quality solid wood round table makes your restaurant more practical and home.


The family sits around, carrying a strong tenderness. Whenever I go home, there will always be a hot meal hot dish that has been waiting for a long time on the table … Maybe this is the taste of home!


Restaurant -There is no place that can carry so many love and warmth between the family and family like the restaurant: childhood is the taste of mother, and this is the taste of my wife’s home after marriage …

The change of time, here is always the taste of home!

A good dining table, a good makeup in the restaurant!

With the popularity of the Internet, the distance between us and world information is getting closer and closer, and the world seems to be smaller and smaller, but because of this, we have lost our own direction in the ocean of the Internet information, like a lonely in the ocean ocean, Boat, we become more and more impetuous and lonely.

However, the more impetuous the world, the more we need a quiet place to precipitate ourselves and give ourselves a quiet space thinking and learning.


A quiet study has become the only shelter in our downtown. One table, a chair, a bookshelf … is a perfect shelter.

Good study furniture, like guarding the guards of this peaceful harbor, is waiting for you at any time.

Study room -the more impetuous and precious a world. The development of the world is so fast that only by continuous learning can we continue to develop. In the study, how can a study of the study that improves your space? Perhaps it is the exquisite and practical study furniture that makes our quiet harbor better and comfortable.

Good desks, good bookshelves, good makeup in the study.


Falling asleep early, the bird’s sorrowfulness in the early morning seemed to have become a luxury. 8 hours a day, 1/3 life spent in bed. Sleeping overnight is a process of purifying self and washing tired, but more and more sleep problems make us trouble.


A good bed with a good dream to accompany you, make the 1/3 time in life become beautiful!