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Today, for the babies who like Chinese painting, there is a wave of benefits!


See what we need to prepare for the national painter pen, and how to do it.

Step 1: Prepare materials

Painting strokes first need to use the hook pencil to make the content to the outline, and then prepare the materials that need to be painted. Bottom paper is probably, because the birthday paper is white, so it can be better in line with the line, and the color will be clearer, the base paper and the paper are almost. The edge of the cover is generally cut in two inches wide.

Step 2: Table bottom paper


Need a piece of sheet, spray the water in the drawing board with a watering can, pay attention to the water as fine; do not spray too much, so as not to be too wet, the paper will crack in the dry, and it may be rushed away Loose water on the surface of the drawing, leads to the inexterite. If the water is too small, the paper cannot be completely


When painting, the paper is still not flat.

We can use rice to brush the paper, you should pay attention to each air bubble, after the discharge, the bottom color will cause the paper to be unlatored, the bottom color of the brush will be uneven.


Step 3: Washed paper (paper paper on the bottom paper)


Left hand takes paper, you have to put it slightly, the right hand uses the water brush to brush the paper, horizontally, can come back, then slowly transition.

At the same time, like a plain paper, all the bubbles have rushed to the paper, and the picture will be more flat, it does not stack the color when color, and the color of the picture is even more natural.

Step 4: Military edge edge


Pour the appropriate amount of paste in the plate, add some water with a brush, then adjust, do not add too much water, plus the water paste is not so sticky, may not be able to block the side), then brush the paste after mixing On the edge of the edge, the paste should be brushed evenly, and the four faces will be blocked.

After all the four sides were sealed, it was placed around, and the viscosity was strengthened, and the paper was blocked from the air.


After the paper is placed in the ventilation, it can be painted. But what to remind is, taught everyone how to distinguish the picture leak, if not white, it is not white, it is transparent color, and the paper will be the same color after the paper is dried, so When the paper is in wet, we have to remember the location of the inexterite part. After the pellets should wait for the paper, they will be supplemented again, and it can be made in the inexpensive part of the ilibu to supplement; the part of the overall complement may not be easy to color, resulting in the color of the picture Uniform.

After you have finished drying, you can paint!


When there is water on the drawing, don’t touch it with your hand, don’t rub it with a cloth or use water absorbing paper, which will cause inextriques or paper to break, because rice paper is more fragile after encountering water.


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