Reading, affecting children’s life!


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When did you open the book last time? An hour ago? One month ago, or one year ago? If parents spend before the computer, mobile phone, and television, they cannot ask their children to give up.

If you want your child to read more, the parents themselves first pick up a book and give the child a good role model. because,

Reading -it will affect the child’s life!

The famous writer Cao Wenxuan once called for the promotion of modern teenagers to read classics. “Chinese children’s reading is not amazing. An ordinary American high school student. One school year must read 15 scripts, 36 ministers novels, and also learn and discuss various literary genres in the classroom. There are not many novels, and the general quality of books is not high. It has become a common phenomenon to stay away from classics. “

The United States has cultivated children’s reading habits since the age of 0

A Minister of Education in the United States once said: “Children who can read are children who can learn. Children who can learn will eventually succeed in learning and life.” In the United States, reading this is very high In the height, American education experts believe that since the birth of children, they should cultivate their reading ability, start to cultivate children’s reading habits from the age of 0, and gradually increase the reading volume. At the same time, it accumulates reading experience in the reading process, so as to turn itself into independent reading.

Therefore, whether it is during the preschool education stage or all grades of the school, in the family homework arranged by the teacher to the students, students are required to read English readings for 15-20 minutes before going to bed every night.

Parent -child reading is a traditional British family activity


Britain is a country with a strong reading atmosphere. Some people say that Britain is the country that is most suitable for reading. Reading, connecting with educational knowledge. To this day, children’s books are still like a popular birthday and Christmas gift as toys. Parent -child reading in this country can be called a long -term traditional family activity.

The typical bedtime of British children is: Bath-Story-Kiss-Turn off the lights-sleep. Some British, regardless of age, occasionally chatting about the memory of childhood, will mention the classic link of bedtime story. Childhood and parent -child reading are inseparable. Childhood without parent -child reading is unimaginable to the British.

British children have a small schoolbag from the kindergarten. The things in the schoolbag are very simple, that is, 1-2 picture stories books and children’s handicrafts. Kindergarten and primary school preparatory studies do not teach knowledge such as reading and numbers, and are almost a place for collective playing. The only thing related to learning is this 1-2 simple picture story book. Back home every day and read with parents. Books can be replaced every day, or they can be replaced every week. Generally, teachers are selected, or they can be selected. Generally, 1-2 books can be selected.

Germany Reading


In Germany, people who are reading everywhere can be seen everywhere, stations, cafes, and lawns. This is not limited to campus, but in any place. It seems that everyone has one or two books in the backpack. Read.


A survey of a German reading show showed that 91%of the Germans have read at least one book in the past year. Among them, 23%of the annual reading volume is between 9 and 18 books; 25%of the annual reading volume of more than 18 people is roughly equivalent to reading one book every three weeks. The book has also become the most popular gift among friends.

It is worth mentioning that among the people of all ages, young people under 30 years of age have the highest enthusiasm for reading. For young German people, reading is as loved as their beer.

How to make children develop reading habits from an early age

Persist in reading for children every day, it is best to read in one (or a few). Of course, it is not to say that if you are not at home when you should read the story of the bedtime one day, you will not read that day.

Once a mother asked me, her child was 1 and a half years old, and she couldn’t listen to her after reading a book, so she ran away. She was about to give up to study for the child and ask me what to do? This may also be the troubles that many parents encountered when cultivating their children. If the child does not like it, he will not force it. But I want to say, please persist, the child is still small, and the concentration has not yet developed well. This is normal. We can try at the beginning, choose some short books, and watch with the children within the time of the child, watch with the child, add some interaction, and let the children participate. For example, let your child guess what happened next page? Why is the little rabbit so sad in the book? If you are the little prince in the story, what will you do? In this way, as the child grows up, the patience of reading will become higher and higher. Slowly, the child will develop reading habits. My daughter is now two years old and can already hold the picture book and watch quietly.

What book to read for your child?

On the question of what books to read for children, moms and dads often have difficulties. I want to say that when choosing to read what books to read for children, don’t deliberately consider whether this book is educated, educated, or not contains contains. Writing moral education is helpful for cultivating good behaviors …


The biggest function of children’s books is not education, but guidance and guiding children to read and enjoy reading.

0-3-year-old children’s book recommendation

“Blue Truck” (3 volumes in a set)


Taking the children’s favorite transportation and animals as the main character, the entire book is full of the “beep” of the truck and the sound of various animals. After listening to the story, children will develop a good character like a small blue truck to develop friendly and humble and obey order.

“Puulan Picture Book Museum: Talking Hand” (4 volumes in total)

Hand, you can talk about it! The rich life clips allow children to grow constantly in the dots of life.


“Lamoco Picture Book Museum: Baby Cognitive Council Book” (4 volumes in total)

Each book has different themes. You can interact with your children and the form of Q & A, which can well cultivate your baby’s interest. It is a cognitive book and a game book.

3-6-year-old children’s book recommendation


“Warm House Amusement Park · First Series” (4 volumes in total)

This is a set of game books. Moms and dads can read and read with their children. In a happy parent -child game, establish a close connection with the children to activate all the imagination and creative factors in the nature. The language is rhythmic and the picture is delicate and delicate.

“I find you: Tibetan cat game picture book” (4 volumes in total)

Beautiful ocean, magical grasslands, colorful forests and lively farms, children recognize different animals and plants in the process of hiding and finding.

“My Small Problem Series” (10 volumes in total)

The concise and concise speech tells a lot of questions. They are all questions asked by children in daily life. Why do you make a sound when snoring? How did my parents pass my life to me? Why do I blush sometimes? Make children look very happy and increased a lot of knowledge.