High Machine Functional Trend 18: Ralph Lauren Purple Bid Pure Cashmere Full Top Blazer suit


Recently, Du Du and Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Collection died.

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

Purple Cashmere Blazer official website Purchase channel: link

Let’s talk about the important reminder of Ralph Lauren Purple Bid suit:

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

The purple label has never produced a complete suit and suit (except for the style and other styles) of the shoulders, sleeves and forks, and rear plants.

Purple standard suits are now only MTM business.

Purple -label’s suit is divided into three years -British -produced CHESTER BARIE OEMs>

There are differences between size and version between each purple standard. I have 38R size RL purple standard suits of 42.5 and 48 shoulder width, although they are 75 in length.

The size of the shirt is large 1.5 yards. For example, shirt 15 (38R) corresponds to 165/88, but the actual 170-175cm is exactly right. The shirt 15.5 (39R) corresponds to 170/92 but 175-180cm is just right.

Almost all of these high -end men’s clothing stores have discounts. My experience is 20 % to 30 % in the Kiton tie accessories in Shenyang. Ralph Lauren’s black label is almost 50 % off the entire line, and Stefano Ricci is 7 to 20 % off. Purchasing abroad does not necessarily have price advantages and cannot be tried.

Indeed, the current product line of the purple label has some clothes with Savile Row, but it is still foundry by Caruso.

Purple -labeling fabrics are divided into wool, cashmere, linen, leather, corduroy, and blended. The shape is divided into suit formal clothes, Blazer, no structured tops, etc.

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

Don’t be superstitious about the “blending bad” theory circulating on the Internet. For example, cashmere, wool, cotton, bamboo fiber, alpaca, lobo, mulberry silk, linen and so on.

Purple standards are not necessarily stronger than the same Italian black labels in the fabric and workmanship, but the purple label is the real RL. Each purple standard product must be authorized by Ralph Lauren. My design.

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

Let’s talk about my general configuration:

Italy caruso foundry

General anesthesia

100%pure cashmere, from Johnstons

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

Binba Line

Elbow sheep leather pad

Double split back

Super small sleeve

Machine lock eye

Naples natural shoulder line

The modification service that RL can provide in China:

The sleeve length can be modified (the limit can be adjusted 3cm, and the suede pad on the elbow is needed)

Treating the lock/true and false (all the purple -label suits have no lock cuffs, and naturally there are no buttons)

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

Shoulder width can be changed (1 ~ 2cm can be changed, it is best not to move, it will destroy the style and cause the match to fail, but the purple standard style seems to be wrong, but the black label is better.)

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

Sitting on the back (of course, you can’t change the single and double slit, but the length can be changed)

Can’t change:

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

Long clothing, bust, waist circumference, big body buckle eyes

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

Poor pair



Modify the upper body effect before:

高机能潮流 篇十八:Ralph Lauren 紫标纯羊绒全麻衬 Blazer 西装

It can be noted that the position of the shoulders, chest and waist is more appropriate, but the sleeves are significantly long.

after modification:

Because the sleeves of Europeans are more exaggerated, the remaining slits of the sleeves are not enough, and they can only make false eyes. In fact, Blazer has nothing to do with two cufflinks, but out of the habit of heaven, I still chose four folds.

By the way, a wave of purple -standard accessories, cufflinks, ties, pockets and the like.

Later, it will also bring Ralph Lauren Purple Strip Cashmere Cashmere Set at the Ralph Lauren Purple Strip Cashmere Set: