Jin Enterprise wants to take the “functional shoes” to knock on the children’s market


From the perspective of the industry, in addition to higher product added value and broader market prospects, cutting into the children’s market with functional shoes is a deeper meaning in the local industry.

Function shoes become new trends

The so -called concept of functional shoe stems from medical function shoes. It is born from medical research. According to the principles of ergonomics, it is based on the “foot shape” and “walking method” of infants and young children. Baby shoes.

In the “National Shoes Designer Talent Training Course” held recently, functional shoes have become one of the hot topics. National authoritative shoe experts and corporate executives analyzed this children’s shoes together. Many local companies It has also been invested in scientific research funds to engage in related production and development. Yonggao people under the brand of Yonggao Sports Products Co., Ltd. are one of them. In order to obtain advantages in functional shoe production, the enterprise has set up a special functional shoe laboratory to engage in related production research and strive to achieve technical leading and breakthroughs.

“The concept of functional shoes is passed from Japan. It has been promoted with the slogan of children’s health shoes. Recently, related publicity on the Internet is relatively hot. my country is the earliest children’s shoes companies in Guangdong. Nowadays, our local children’s shoes Enterprises have also seen the prospects of this market. Many of them will launch related products in autumn, related products such as Yonggao people, foot friends and other companies have even been launched, and the market response is not bad. “Chen Shuqing, general manager of Quanzhou Liuhe Children’s Creative Industry Co., Ltd. Tell reporters.

People in the industry believe that in recent years, with the increasingly rational market consumption, parents have paid more and more attention to their health, which has increased the demand for healthy functional shoes. For many children’s shoes companies, healthy machines are new blue oceans and new market growth points. In recent years, the children’s shoes market has become weak. Everyone hopes to use functional products to stimulate the market and increase the added value of products.

The information from the outside world proves this view. At the 22nd China International Clothing and Clothing Expo in April this year, well -known children’s shoes brands, Kinopipu and Le Keyou, have brought their high -quality functional shoe products, as many as 1,000 products bring a foot health to the children’s shoes industry. The storm has attracted attention to the industry.

In Chen Shuqing’s opinion, the popularity of functional shoes is behind the development of the company with the help of technology to achieve transformation during the development process. After multiple shuffle, Quanzhou children’s shoe companies have clear grasping the market.

This view has been recognized by many local children’s shoes companies. In recent years, Jinjiang Mingwei Shoes and Food Co., Ltd., which has been developing in the past, has launched non -skid shoes with non -slip buckle, shoes that can heated insulation, and seven -hole lighting shoes.

According to Hong Qinming, deputy general manager of the company, Mingwei has also been based on foundry, but as foundry companies have increased and profits are increasingly compressed, ordinary children’s shoes gradually go downhill in market competition. “A pair of ordinary shoes is not high, but its materials are the same as artificially. Shoes with special functions are 10 times higher than the price.” Calculating an economic account, even if you need to invest in one investment, you need to invest in one investment. Pen R & D funds to develop machines with energy shoes, and their subsequent economic returns are still exciting. Therefore, they will naturally not let them go.

“Whether the functional shoes are technological innovation or a gust of wind is still difficult to determine, but the phenomenon of functional shoes formed by its conceptual innovation can not be ignored in the children’s shoes market in my country. It is expected that the functional shoes will appear in the second half of the year. Consumers who do not know about consumers will also start to have relevant consumer awareness. “The relevant person in charge of the brand center of the starting (China) Co., Ltd. said.

Cut into the children’s market for machine shoes

On the one hand, as the new category of functional shoes enters the consumer’s field of vision as a new category of children’s shoes, it is aimed at primary and secondary children who have not completely shaped the bones on the feet. The future development trend; on the other hand, the product line of this product’s own age group has always been the weak part of the current local children’s shoes companies, which to some extent has made function shoes become many local children’s shoes companies leveraging the springboards of the small children’s market. Therefore, at least 20 Quanzhou children’s shoe companies including Yongzhong and Moly Dogs have devoted their functions of functional shoes and engaged in design and production of functional shoes. It is expected that in the second half of the year, it will usher in a small climax.

Luo Zhengming, deputy general manager of the Operation Center of Guai Dou Children’s Products Co., Ltd., said that functional shoes may be a wave in the next few years, because in addition to ordinary functions, it also has its own added value. Therefore, the good dog is indeed more optimistic about The development of functional shoes in the children’s shoes market has increased this part of investment in the first half of the year. I hope to use this category to speed up the breakthrough on the products of the primary and secondary children’s products.

Some companies go faster. At the ordering meeting just ended at the end of May at the end of May, a number of “functional shoes” were favored by orderingers. These functional shoes are more particular about the structure of the soles, upper to the shoe, and try to protect the health of children’s foot soles through various scientific design.

Coincidentally. Dai Po, the deputy general manager of the first child shoes designer’s talent training classes who just participated in the first phase of children’s shoes designer training classes. “, Plan to be launched for the market this fall. He told reporters that considering that healthy machine shoes are conducive to the health and growth of children’s feet, there must be a good market prospect in the future. Their “ultra -light function shoes” are mainly targeted at babies of 2 to 5 years old.

In addition to meeting consumer demands, functional shoes may be a new blue ocean for children’s shoes companies. Nowadays, more and more adult sports brands have entered the children’s shoes market one after another, making the children’s shoes market competition increasingly fierce. For children’s shoes companies with weak channels and unconvinced products themselves, their market living space is becoming more and more squeezed by squeezing. Therefore, many children’s shoes companies try to extend the direct competition through the product line, and start to work on small and medium -sized children’s products. The functional shoes are mainly targeted at the primary and elementary school market. If it can be used, then, it may become a new growth point for enterprises.

Chen Shuqing said that in addition to the characteristics of functional shoes, there is a great attraction, which is the channel. Function shoes can also be classified as infant products, which means that it can enter the market through mother and infant product channels, and maternal and infant channels are relatively developed in cities. Essence Many maternal and infant products have thousands or even tens of thousands of outlets. If functional shoes can enter, it will open a completely different channel mode from before, and its development will be unimaginable. Not only that, functional shoes are more diversified products, and parent -child series and expectant mothers are all potential markets.

“At present, in the infant industry, the most potential companies present the development format of two saws. Most of the one -stop theme shopping business formats that are full of children’s supplies, clothing and other categories. This is also what local children’s shoes companies have been exploring. Starting from the product, then intervene in the channel, and finally build a one -stop shopping platform. “Cao Qianjin, director of GLU marketing, said.

Industry standardization is to be improved

The prospect of functional shoes seems to be very bright, but now it is still in the early stages of development, and the normative problem of the market is difficult to ignore. The most direct performance is that there is no clear definition, there is no set of strict inspection standards identified in the market, and no unified organizational organization is managed. There are many interpretations of functional shoes, but there is no academic determination. Many companies advertise their shoes as functional shoes, but for consumers, it is difficult to judge.

“Function shoes are not better than ordinary children’s shoes, but are more functional products. This requires that producers must have a certain R & D ability and high production level in order to ensure that the functional shoes produced can play its value. For many children’s shoe manufacturers, it is a great test. Therefore, in order to catch up with this trend and seize this opportunity, some manufacturers have not yet fully standardized the market. It is put into production under the name of functional shoes, and the functional shoes are still new products in the domestic market. Many consumers do not know much about it, and they are easily misled and deceived. In this way, it not only disrupted the functional shoes that were not complete. The market will put pressure on enterprises with interested research and development, and will make consumers doubt about the effectiveness of functional shoes. “Industry insiders who do not want to be named expressed their concerns.

“At present, the production and development of machine shoes on the market does not have a very strict standard. Many so -called functional shoes are actually just playing the ball and making a certain visual effect. The real functions may not be so great. Although many companies now have the willingness to perform Related production, but functional shoes pay attention to functionality. With the development of the market, there may be several leadership brands or several series to occupy the market in the future. Other products may be a gust of gusts, and there is no way to stand in the market for a long time. Wang Xiaojun, the director of marketing of Kuqi Children’s Shoes, said.

Because of this, some companies are not optimistic about the production of functional shoes. They believe that the market life of functional shoes is not long. It can bring limited help to children, so that children to wear ordinary shoes for natural growth effect.

In addition, at present, the state has not yet introduced the criteria for judging machine shoes. In the opinion of Wei Yafei, director of the China Leather Association, the production of functional shoes should have its own standards. The standards of “Rolling Shoes” and “Tourism Shoes” are not applicable. Runastes that have become popular two years ago were because the quality standards of non -related national quality can be followed, resulting in industry supervision difficulties. The quality of a industry’s products does not go up, and it will inevitably make this industry a “chaos” and price war. Good products produce backlogs, which will inevitably lead to sluggishness in the entire industry.

Chen Shuqing said that in addition to investing in technological research and development, the standards and inspections of functional shoes are also necessary. Since it is necessary to emphasize the concept of health, the brand must enable its products to meet the health needs. The consensus of shoes and improve the standard of the functional shoe market. And enterprises should truly implement the functions of functional shoes and distinguish between functional children’s shoes. The channels and products must be followed. They must provide different functions of functional shoes for different children’s needs, thereby ensuring value to maximize value. (Edit: Yuan Wei)