Really! It was shocked by “black”! 7 high-level matching rules, wearing a master


Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion to wear a trip, and become beautiful and never get lost.

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What kind of confidence will you use black? What is rich, it will be black as a main tone? What kind of blossom, only like and black companion?

Not afraid of bleak and sink, just because of deeply unpersurvere with a vast? The most ordinary clothes, the most simple black, with the most mystery


, The original wind is not blocked, but there is also a rich look of richness.

In the whole body, in the eyes, in the smile, in a posture … beautiful people look, shocking is fascinating. In the end, what kind of fashion is worn, and the “affair” is achieved in this well-being and advanced?

Today’s share, Luo Wei will take you to enjoy the most fascinating gorgeous and luxurious and luxurie show, see how such a thin and common foundation will be so exciting.


Old rules, with daisy beauty map, quickly open the fashion trip.

Law 1: Transmitnimate material

A black, or a full body black area of ​​more than 60%, will challenge everything wearing the wearer. Long phase? figure? temperament? confidence? Aesthetic? Match the bottom … sample test is listed.

Don’t just think of black wild or safe, people who don’t dress at this idea are unhusty, defeat. No,

Sense of strength


Heavy feeling

Under the double force, there are very few people who can pick up.


At this time, starting from the fabric, use more excellent


Winning, quietly solving the blackness of the black, let it rejuvenate unprecedented dynamic beauty, success probability is climbing.

A delicate half-length skirt, lace and mesh layers are laminated, ensuring thick and fluent, and the powerful heavy and lifting.


The fine threshing cashmere sweater, the soft big scarf, full of unique warmth, shocked by large-scale black … seems to be heavy, but it contains full vitality.




Light luxury bag, patent leather shine color matching boots, all in the unparalleled gesture, let the advanced and atmosphere are released.

King 2: Join Vitality

In a dark, the most fear of silence, a little warm and energetic can til. What is viable? Folding in red and yellow

Flexible powder

, With the elegance of the big woman wants.

However, the light is gentle and insufficient, and a red bag is coming, and the square is correct in the form of the style. The neck is playful, even if you are serious, you will also have the affection of pity.




: Did you see a roll sleeve worn? Many times the garden sublimation is closely related to dressing attitude.

Take off the red, replace it with gray, black and pink can also be another fun. More inactivated atmosphere, more deep and deep, still reserved rare youthful vitality.

Flexible powder, gray, black

, Writing gorgeous writing with the best proportions, expressing cute. In this set, we can see too much keywords, descent? style? kind? Little sexy? charming? There should be everything.

Yes, don’t think that vitality is all warm. cool


In the right time, I can also play a dazzling trendy style. See what impression is reflected in the mind?

Anyway, the heroic, sexy and beautiful 2 idioms, the instant fish seen in Luo Wei. I like this momentum too much, and I don’t hesitate to strike the word two words.

Light blue, dark blue, gray, gray black, black, meticulous color, and sprinkled unsuccessful profile cooperation Very bold bare feet, indispensable skin details, can you dare to try?

French 3: Breaking a single

Only win the clothes, it is obviously not a black ultimate method. It takes more brave moment in the critical moment of the feet.


In order to sublimate the gardens.

timid? Fear of fear? cowardly? Not confident? It is absolutely can’t control the momentum of the black king. The slash processing of the hand-in-pocket creation is the same as the slashing of the pocket.

The disdain of a face, full of eyes, the king of the king, who is passed away, let the black look good to say. Of course,



The embellishment of the bag is also an indispensable rendering role.


French 4: Gorgeous Design

How many faces are black? Type, quality, pattern is a power point. Woman rich ornate design, wonderful twists and turns, even more dressed decorations, everything


Complex technique

The use of black nostalgia.


Since the color cannot be subverted, the remaining all may now focus on rendering objects. A satin gorgeous dress, in a clearly visible manner in large area black, live in the protagonist.

If you cooperate with a beautiful jewelry, black gorgeous feast is dare to despise?


Fifth: cute elements


Cute elements corresponding to women’s flavors, is a black-looking reverse exit. Turning with children’s fun, staged a playfulness, the time, the snickening from the bottom of my heart, and the moment is taken into the distance.

This is the opposite of the stability of the stability and black.


Reverse direction

The departure is unscrupulous, and it is another big fashion window of pressure life.

Black and white splicing large sweater, childlike childish letter logo, glow out unprecedented intimate vitality. Contradictions with mature women’s conflict, let the image reverse, fresh and interesting.


Law 6: Animal Packer

Black and animal pattern, with wild attributes, intensifying fashion tension, instantly let the black are passionate. There are very uncommon techniques, but there are very few people to do well.


The reason is that the elegant and gentle of the yellow skin, with the too noisy Zhang Ming, must introduce elegance to form a harmonious style.

for example,

Beige, rice white

. White with brown caution. Unbiased soft color, let the beige take the title of elegant and emotional color, but also the essential color of the overall tune.

Long rice white coat, inner miles is a black casual sitting town,


Animal tattoo forms an overwhelming focus highlights for styles. The enthusiasm, a constant black, became a focus.

Brain tonic, take this bag, is it tidal? Is it tired?

Law 7: Beautiful jewelry

When wearing a black, no matter how long the jewelry is full of fun and brilliance. It is not as good as it is embellished. One is willing to be a background, and another joy jumps, it is full, and it has completed.

With black jewelry, please pay attention to

Sense of quality

. No matter the price, as long as the workmanship is beautiful, the material is multiplied, there is no crude abuse suspect, in order to match the name of the high-level black.

+ Pearl:

The novelty pearl necklace, gorgeous is not playing, and has strong adjustment with the roughness of the big sweater. Inject elegance, but many casual winds and rough soft boosts.

Glossy pearl, fine gold chain, I don’t know how many elegant women’s fashion style.

+ Exquisite:

Small and exquisite shape, the sense of rules, highlights the big color. Or with the drill, or appear separately, express simplicity, symbolizing the gas. Pick them, last time, it is very sad.


Golden striped, with round pearls, or with interest elements, simple and lost women.

The fine diamonds appeared in the sun flowers, and there is a corner of the horizon, and the mature woman’s love is an interpretation. To a certain extent, the jewelry

artistic conception

It is more worthy of the material than the material.

Thick people, more attention, pay more attention to value; people who are educated, always pay attention to connotation and humanities, this choice of jewelry skills, may wish to be careful.

+ Childlike design:

A child is a must-have temperament feature of mature women. The manifestation of children’s heart is the cute animal pattern of the emperor. A noble cat necklace, how can you not let black clothes more personally?

Some of the sorcereous exaggerated exaggerated, exquisite, chest, form a chic playful picture, let a black joy.

Winter black, too need this exquisite blessing!

Ok, the black seven laws flies the end of sharing. I hope to have a little inspiration to you!

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.


I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!

If you have confusion, you can privately, welcome to leave a message, we grow together on the road to become a beautiful road!