A super -mini pepper banyan landscaping cylinder art work


Lifish23, who likes to challenge the small cylinder landscape, lifish23, after 40X30X30’s “No Spicy” and “Borneo’s Day and Night” landscape, boldly played a circular mini tank with a diameter of 8cm. So far, the smallest and exquisite pepper banyan landscape in the pepper banyan circle …

According to my experience in playing pepper banyan, in such a small pure water grass environment, as long as the water is changed, the supply of light, oxygen, CO2, and water fertilizer required for pepper banyan is not the main problem. It’s just a bit slow.

The key is how to solve the water flow?

In such an environment, it is impossible to use any filter system to solve it, and the water flow of pepper banyan in the original ecological environment is not small …

However, since the author has carefully produced this work, I believe there will be consideration and solution!


Lifish23’s super mini pepper banyan tank bold attempts are not only a very good inspiration for friends who play peppers. For those who blindly rely on light and CO2 devices and ignore the most natural methods, it is also worthy of reflection. Thinking……


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