Headline Encyclopedia: square cone mixed machine


Fang cone hybrid: special barrel, fixing the rack, raising the barrel to the rack, opening the power supply, program control mixed, loading the whole process-mixture-ingredients and no air contact, completely solving the infection of external bacteria infections risk.

Fang cone hybrid: Fang cone hybrid machine has frequently appeared in the pharmaceutical and food industry. It is a newly new material hybrid machine recently. Design is more beautiful and novel than traditional machines. And processing efficiency and quality are also better.

Three mixed principles of the square cone hybrid: 1. Mixing of flow: Materials generate similar fluids under the action of external forces. The particles are spatled from one position to another, and the position moves. All particles flow in the mixture. 2. diffusion and mixing: The separated particles are continuously displayed on the surface of the new material, just like the general diffusion effect, the particles moved slightly on the surface of the newly generated material, so that the particles of each ingredients evenly spread on the new newly spread on the new newly spread on the new newly spread on the new new. On the surface of the material. 3. Cutting and mixing: Inside the material, due to the sliding of the particles, like a thin layer of fluid, it can cause local mixing.

The square cone hybrid mixed tube moves in multi -direction, the material has no separate effects, and the phenomenon of layers and accumulation of compatibility can be performed. Each component may have a disparate weight ratio, and the hybrid rate is more than 100 %. Ideal product.

The square cone mixed machine has a large body installation rate, and the installation can be 90 % (only 40 % of the ordinary mixed machine), high efficiency, and short mixed time.

The square cone mixed machine is excessively arc, and it is precisely polished. It is used for high uniformity of pink and granular materials of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, electronics, machinery, mining, and national defense, and various scientific research units.

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