What color does the curtain choose? Use solid color or color? Different styles, different choices


Now from December to the end of the year, friends who renovated this year should have been ending recently! There is a long decoration cycle and a lot of trivial matters. It is really a headache! I believe that at this step of choosing curtains, everyone will be relieved -finally it’s about to complete! However, in the late decoration period, some details cannot be relaxed. For example, when choosing curtains, the color of curtains will have a great impact on the entire decoration style! How to match the color of the curtains? Let me share some personal experience!

1. What color do curtains usually use?

Common curtains are gray, blue, yellow, green, rice white and white curtains. These colors of curtains have their own characteristics. You can choose according to your preferences!

① Gray curtain


As a classic color scheme, gray, such as simple and modern wind decoration, gray curtains are very good choices; in addition to curtains, the combination of gray on the soft dress is also very versatile, such as sofas, sheets and carpets. Very durable.

② Blue curtains

Blue feels relatively quiet, using blue curtains, suitable for the combination of space such as American, Chinese and modern styles, the effect is also very quiet, cozy and dignified.

③ yellow curtain

The yellow feeling is warm and simple. When the pastoral, American and Chinese style curtains, if you like more space with affinity, then yellow curtains are a very good solution.

④ Green curtains

Green is the color of nature. It feels fresh and comfortable. It is suitable for decoration styles such as rural and modern. Green curtains are matched in space, which will also make the space more vibrant and vibrant.

⑤ Rice white curtains


Rice white curtains are a simple and bright and relatively dirty choice, and the beige curtains are also more versatile. From modern minimalism to Chinese and American styles, you can choose rice -white curtains.

⑥ White screen curtain

The curtain is a kind of light transparent curtain matching, because the transparent effect is better, usually white. This kind of curtain is mainly used to increase the privacy of space. The curtains can be selected; if it is a double -layer combination of the curtain+curtain, then with the finale of the curtain, the curtain does not need to consider the decoration style or something.

2. Choose solid color or color matching of curtains?

The previously introduced solid curtains. These curtains are more versatile, but the effects are relatively monotonous. In addition to solid curtains, there are also some colorful curtains to choose from. You can choose according to your own like. Let me analyze what is suitable for solid and color -fighting curtains!


① What is suitable for solid color curtains?


People who like conciseness

——It recommended to choose solid color curtains, so that the space effect will be relatively simple and generous.


Soft fading colors consistent

——It when the soft color matching such as furniture, jewelry, sofa, pillow and carpet is relatively uniform, it is generally recommended that curtains also choose solid color curtains consistent with these soft colors to avoid the abrupt sense of coloring curtains.


② What are the cases suitable for color -fighting curtains?

People who like layers

——The choice of color -fighting curtains, with a variety of colors with curtains, can make the space more lively, interesting, and layered.


Soft fad color and playful

——If the soft outfit of the entire space itself has more colors collision, then the curtains choose the color -fighting design, and the color and the soft furnishings echo, it will make the space style more obvious.


The curtains are only selected in the later stage of the decoration, but after installing the curtains, it will occupy a relatively large area of ​​vision. In order to make the curtains matching the decoration style, it is recommended that you consider the color matching of the curtains when planning the overall style in the early stage of the decoration. The problem, avoid buying curtains that are not suitable for your own decoration style.