This autumn is a new pants on fire, called “showing your feet without exposed ankles”, women aged 50 or 60 years old are really fashionable


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In life, every woman hopes to interpret brilliant achievements and individual self, hopes that her smiles, grace knowledge, or moving voices, and handsomeness can be recognized and applauded by others. But life will not make everyone pay as expected. Women who live transparent can better taste life, feel happiness, accept themselves, and applaud themselves.

Women applaud themselves, we will go forward bravely, and life will be colorful. Today, let’s talk about about


Fifty or 60 -year -old women dress up

topic of.

This autumn is a kind of new pants, called “showing your feet without exposing ankle”, and women aged 50 or 60 are fashionable!

The costumes of the appropriate clothing of women at each age are different. For middle -aged women, wearing more pursuit to show our mature and stable temperament charm. There are actually a lot of pants suitable for middle -aged women, but in fact, we need to combine leg shapes to choose from. Pants suitable for our leg shape can effectively modify the lack of leg shape and show the advantages of our leg shape.

1. White “showing your feet without exposed ankles” pants wear

To put it simply, pants that “expose your feet without ankle” refers to the style of pants designed below the ankle. This type of pants will not expose the legs of the middle -aged woman Nian women come to wear. For example, this white “exposed foot does not show ankle” pants. The trousers are designed near the instep, which is small, and at the same time, it can have a certain modification effect on the leg shape of the middle -aged woman. Don’t pick people.


For middle -aged women with a thick leg shape, white “exposed feet do not show ankle” pants can choose such loose styles of pants. This white exposed foot does not show an ankle pants. The pants design of wide -legs. The fabrics selected by the pants are very high, which perfectly emphasizes the straight line of the middle -aged woman’s figure, and the capable is soft and beautiful.

2. Black “exposed feet without exposed ankle” pants wear


Even if you choose the black “exposed your feet without the ankle” pants, it will not look old -fashioned. This black exposed foot does not expose the ankle pants with a light brown wave dot shirt. It is dignified and dignified. The pants design of the black exposed feet without the ankle pants naturally slim, and the proper and loose version will not have a sense of tight. Putting on the pointed high -heeled shoes on the feet, which raised the leg length of the middle -aged woman, the overall dress looked slender and perfect.

The white shirt is a good partner of black “exposing your feet and not exposing ankle”. The two remain consistent in style, and at the same time, the effects formed by the light and dark matching are also very balanced and coordinated. The design of this white shirt is slightly gorgeous, and the fluffy lantern sleeves can effectively modify the arm curve of middle -aged women. The lower body is paired with black dew -feet without exposed ankle pants. It is comfortable and flexible, which can help middle -aged women to control many occasions.

3. Gray “exposed feet without exposed ankle” pants to wear


The color of the gray “exposed foot without exposed ankle” pants is just between black and white, with both black mature and stable and white bright and pretty. It is a more fashionable and foreign choice. This white fine stripe shirt with gray exposed feet does not show the ankle pants is simple and bright. The version of the two also maintains moderate looseness, which brings people feel comfortable, simple but very fashionable.


The gray “exposed feet without exposed ankle” pants are not picky about the matching of the top in daily life. The simplest match is to combine with black or white clothing tops. This black V -collar shirt is elegant and stable with a gray -off -footed without exposed or exposed trousers. The gray exposed feet do not expose the ankle pants to break the dullness of the black top and enhance the fashion of wearing.


Even if you wear it smoothly, you will not look abruptly monotonous. Like this gray suit with a gray “exposed foot without exposed ankle” pants, it is consistent in color. The color brightness of the gray color is more moderate and color saturated, which is a choice of more skin tone. After the middle -aged woman is put on, it is officially and elegant.

Regardless of whether a middle -aged woman chooses trousers or shorts, if she wants to wear aesthetics, the design of the pants must always fit with our leg shape, and the style that is long and avoids the shortcomings is the first choice. Like this white shorts, the length of the pants is designed around the knee. This type of pants can be exposed to the lines of the calf part, so it is more suitable for the selection of middle -aged women with perfect calf ratio. And temperament.