“Buy Car Diary” from second-hand Ayue to luxury Shengda, witness my family more happiness


[Basic situation of purchased vehicles]

1, model: Beijing Hyundai Shengda

2, price: 200,000 landing

3, family population: a family of three

4, purchase time: June 2021

Today, with the family, I will give a new car together, share the joy and enjoy the music.

There was a Buick Excelle, the second-hand car bought in 13 years, and then the driver’s license was just the hand, and the cause was just started, and I wanted to buy a car to be convenient. The sudden rise in the day, pulled my brother to the car market to see the car, the first eye, I took a little inspected the car, and the passengers were paid. Afterwards, I was proved, I was still too young, this Rear explanation)

Exception is registered in 2006. It is more than 15 years this year. Next, he will take a time to check once, it feels a bit trouble, so this year I want to change the car. Excelle followed me for 8 years, no accident, I didn’t have a violation, so the car was using in actually no problem. If the country has no provision, I don’t even change the car.

[Comprehensive consideration when buying a car]


Women, no matter from the car, I will worry, just choose the car, she came to check the review, the payment is good! Hahaha took the son to go to the auto show, there is nothing big, it is better to brush the short video, listen to the recommendation of the car.

Personally don’t have much pursuit of BBA, and feel more than ten thousand even more than ten thousand in the case of equivalent configuration. So I started at the beginning, I bought a household car with a good price.

Because Exception is a car, I want to change SUV. Because the original car doesn’t have a sunroof, I think about a new car has a big panoramic sunroof. Because often take the child to go to the outdoor outdoor camp, it is best to be bigger than the new car space. I watched the SUV’s trunk, and I thought about such a big space. I can’t sit too unfortunately, so I thought about buying a big SUV of the three-row seat.


My choice is relatively new, only buy yourself, what brand, what three major pieces, what fuel consumption, is not what I first considered.

[Buy car process sharing]

Decree the basic needs of the car, and then look at the brand and model. Because there are several relatives bought a domestic brand car, I tried it in five or six years, and I plan this car at least 15 years, so I will not consider domestic brands. Imported cars have been repaired, so they have to be half a year, so they don’t think about it, and they are only willing to spend 20W on the car. Naturally, I naturally reached several joint ventures, see which 6 or 7 SUVs they have.

First, I saw the legend of the legend of the legend of the legend to buy, after all, I know that I can open the three generations, in line with my at least 15 years of expectation. After the car experience, I feel that the third row is too small, and the middle is too crowded. I seem to shake the selection of 7 cars. I will buy 6 seats again.

This is not a few cars that go into the final circle, the new Ford Leading (seems to Jianghuai Ford’s standard, the technology is old, pass), the Volkswagen (the price exceeds my budget, Pass), Cadillac XT6 (the same price exceeds my budget, pass), haha, the protagonist debut, modern Shengda!

Shengda two-wheel drive luxury version of the price of about 20W, within the budget. 6 large space, 4.91 * 1.91 * 1.72 size, atmosphere! 2.0 t plus 8at power combination, or there can be a back feel. Suspended LCD monitor, panoramic sunroof, reversing image. . . The needed configuration is all, it is what you need.

So I left a number on a car website, I want to replace the boy, ask the lowest price. The next day, the phone was exploded, the staff of the 4S shop, the second-hand car trafficker, the second-hand car platform came to contact (with emotion, the information selling is too exaggerated)

Plus a few 4S shop sales, one of the young men is very enthusiastic, and holidays will take the initiative to send blessings. 618 days ago, I said that there are 618 promotion in their store, the price is very favorable, invite me to see it. In fact, I have already visited another 4S shop, so I know that the price is very real, listening to his quotation is really true. So 618 directly opened the Excelle over the past. I don’t like to be worn, just when I met the prices and talked about the price and talked about an hour. I talked about a salesman hoped that the price of my confidentiality, and then the old car replacement,

I came to an appraiser, and I checked the Excelle, and I said that this car should have an accident, one of the key parts lost, so the car valuation is not high.

(Hey, I bought the second-hand car too young. I didn’t check the car. I didn’t check the car!) Of course, I know that the 4S shop’s old car replacement will comply with this, and the car itself has handled it. It is inconvenient, and the attitude of life is I have nothing to say, the new car is happy to get the hand.

All procedures are connected, and the salesman is chatting, and strive for a list of gifts: glass film, front gear coating, vehicle floor mat, driving recorder, maintenance, waxing. . . Savers have been talked to me.

[After buying the car]


There is no best or worst, as long as you like it. Don’t care about how others think about it.

Take a name for the new car: Xiaosheng, meaning – – life is often small, will eventually become a winner!

Finally, bright, share the joy again with you ~