Warm and fashionable, 7 big warm men must-prepare down vest wear


When the weather is cold, it will often meet such problems in the south. I didn’t leave the god, I walked out of the street. It was bored in minutes. When I met the days of temperature warming, a downrush vest is the best partner. If you are not clear about the downstick of the down vest, Come and look at the following.


When the temperature is warm, it is really not suitable for a big down. At this time, you can use the downstick to make a sweater, you like to jump, you can choose some or simple pattern, it looks pleasant.


Or you can learn him, the upper body is simple, and the lower body is very famous.


I like the very blue-colored, pure-colored sweater, to increase a point of visual attraction, can make the white shirt, the styling will have a lot of color.


The hat T is also a good choice. There is a young feeling of the college style. It is recommended to match the card or sports pants to show the Swous temperament of the young students.

2. On the shirt

The down vest can also match the shirt, you want to show a little bit, you can match some shirts with plaid or print color. Loosing a few buttons, can also create a relaxed feeling. Like the office worker is particularly suitable, the single product is simple and real, easy to keep warm.

Mature little one wants to show, shirt + tie + down vest is a good attempt. It is recommended that the vest will make the whole better.

3. Top Trees

In addition to coats throughout the winter, the sweater is also one, and this wild king is also with a down. It is recommended to match the same color line when it is mixed, and the color is not easy to try. After all, there is no three or two, and it is difficult to color.

However, your duvet is bright, you can try it with black or dark match, followed by a level.


4. Take / take a suit jacket


The combination of suits and vest duvets often sees someone wears, its wearing is not limited to wearing, you can also wear the down vest as a suit vest, except for the cold, you can give a formal feel.

And the down vest is outside, you can choose a more hard-working style, inheritance, and the charm of the type of man will increase.






feather vest

Winter must have a weapon coat, I believe that each person has one. The down vest is added in the coat, there is a level and keep warm. If you feel monotonous, you can enrich your style through coats, vests, shirts, scars, and create a style belonging to your winter.


The down vest housing is outside the coat, and the trend is not reduced. There is an anti-adding effect. Who said that the down jacket can only be “Mi Lin”?


6. Take the cowboy item


The down vest can also wear a leisure style, and the items are better in the cowboy. Down vests are selected, or with the cowboy coat, it is more handsome.

7. Advanced level

Advanced levels are wearing a hierarchy, with a top of the top, there is a 3-4 pieces, which is very warm. For example: using shirts, knit jackets, tannins coats and vest dumps, stacking in warm and extremely styleful winter wear, can also be equipped with a hat, leather gloves and casual pants to add visual temperatures.

The stack is difficult, considering a lot, color, material, style, etc. should be considered. In addition, the next half is lightweight, it will not feel that he is a bloated baby.

After reading, I feel that I can come to the down vest, I have been dislocked today, I will do it tomorrow.

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